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Goodman Furnace Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance and Top Picks

The Goodman furnace reviews guide details the Goodman furnace options, their technical and performance specs and the pros and cons of choosing Goodman. This brand is the low-cost leader, but there are ongoing concerns about the brand's … [Read More...]

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Goodman Heat Pump Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance and Top Picks

The Goodman heat pump reviews provide information you can use to decide if a Goodman product is right for your home or business. You’ll find performance and technical specifications for the four Goodman heat pump units, top models and the pros and … [Read More...]


HVAC Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your System in Tip-Top Shape All Year Long

Imagine it's 90 plus degrees outside with a nice dose of humidity in the air.You've been working outside all day weeding your prize vegetable garden, which is no small feat.You're hot and sticky. You've sweat pretty much everywhere. Image via … [Read More...]

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LG Portable Air Conditioner Reviews: Cost, Size, And Price

Staying cool in the summer is the number one priority for many homeowners. And you can guarantee that most of them are trying to find an efficient way to keep their families cool that costs less than their current setup.Whether you have central heat … [Read More...]

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Do It YourSelf WebSites

Do It YourSelf WebSites

Online Sites for HVAC Do-It-Yourselfers A Review By Betty Stephens Need help in getting started on a Do-It-Yourself HVAC project? Here are some links to resources that may help you out. Ductworks: The Original On-Line DIY Heating & … [Read More...]

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Solar Power

Solar Power By Betty Stephens Today human’s energy production is derived mainly from fuels, such as coil, oil and gas. Most of that energy is the sun's stored energy. Sunlight is actually the Earth's primary source of energy. Solar Power is … [Read More...]