York Furnace Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance

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May 30, 2024

York Furnace Brand Overview

York offers a variety of furnaces, including affordable 80% efficient models for milder climates and more efficient 90% to 98% models for colder regions. The furnaces come in three performance levels: single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity .

York Furnace Technical Specifications

  • York offers three series: Latitude (good), LX (better), and Affinity (best) .
  • The Latitude Series receives the best consumer and expert reviews .
  • York produces six 80% AFUE furnaces and seven 90%+ AFUE models .
  • Single-stage furnaces run at full capacity, while two-stage models provide quieter, more comfortable heating .
  • Variable-capacity furnaces, like the Affinity YP9C, offer precise temperature control and use variable-speed blowers .
  • Four York furnaces, including the YP9C, are Energy Star certified .
  • Most 90%+ models feature secondary heat exchangers for increased efficiency .
  • ClimaTrak technology allows installers to tune the furnace for specific climate demands .
  • Affinity and some LX Series models use energy-efficient EPC fan motors .

PROs and CONs of York Furnaces


  • The Affinity YP9C (98% efficiency) is among the most efficient models in the industry .
  • York offers a variable-capacity 80% furnace for superior climate control in milder regions .
  • The brand provides a lifetime heat exchanger warranty with a 10-year replacement guarantee on top models .
  • ClimaTrak technology enables better dehumidification during cooling cycles in humid climates .
  • York allows 90 days for warranty registration, compared to the industry standard of 60 days .
  • The Affinity HX touchscreen, Wi-Fi thermostat offers convenient control .
  • Efficient York furnaces may qualify for energy rebates and credits .


  • York has had slightly more reliability issues than some top brands, often due to poor installation .
  • The Affinity HX thermostat is more expensive than popular alternatives like Nest and Ecobee .

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a York Furnace

  • York offers average quality at an average cost, while some brands may provide better reliability at a higher price or lower reliability at a lower cost .
  • In mild climates, an 80% furnace is generally sufficient, while cold climates benefit from 95%+ efficiency .
  • Proper installation by a trained and experienced technician is crucial for gas furnace reliability .
  • The furnace should be correctly sized for the home using a Manual-J Load Calculation .

York Furnaces: Yes or No?

York, Coleman, and Luxaire offer decent-quality furnaces at average prices. If you've had success with York in the past, sticking with the brand makes sense, provided you choose a reputable installer with expertise and experience .


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