Rheem Furnace Review: Pros, Cons, Performance, Top Picks

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May 30, 2024

Rheem Brand Overview

Rheem, a global manufacturer of HVAC equipment, was founded in 1930 by brothers Richard, Donald, and William Rheem. The company initially produced steel tanks and later expanded into water heaters and boilers. In 1947, Rheem entered the residential heating and cooling market by acquiring Frazier HVAC. The acquisition of competitor Ruud Manufacturing in 1960 further expanded Rheem's presence in the HVAC industry .

Rheem Furnace Technical Specifications

Rheem offers a range of furnaces with varying technical specifications :

  • Gas valve operation: Single-stage, two-stage, and modulating (variable-capacity) valves are available.
  • Blower performance: Single-speed, multi-speed, and variable-speed blowers are offered.
  • Efficiency: 80% single-stage and two-stage models, as well as 90% to 97% furnaces with two-stage and modulating heat.
  • Motors: ECM motors, which are more energy-efficient than PSC motors, are used in higher-end Rheem furnace models.
  • Heat exchanger: Rheem's patented heat exchanger, featured in its premium models, reduces operating noise by 20%.

Pros and Cons of Rheem Furnaces

Rheem Furnace Pros

  • Innovative technology in top-tier furnaces ensures high efficiency and quiet operation .
  • Diverse product lineup caters to various climates and budgets, with models ranging from 80% to 97% efficiency .
  • Classic Plus and Prestige Series furnaces have an expected lifespan of 20+ years with proper maintenance .
  • Rheem furnaces can be serviced by any experienced HVAC technician .
  • Multiple installation options (upflow, downflow, horizontal flow) are available .
  • Furnaces are offered in various BTU capacities for spaces up to 2,500 square feet .
  • High-efficiency models may qualify for energy company rebates .
  • Oil furnaces are available as an alternative to gas furnaces .
  • Rheem also manufactures heat pumps, central air conditioners, thermostats, and air quality ventilators for complete home HVAC solutions .
  • EcoNet technology improves efficiency and performance when Prestige Series components work together .
  • Direct Spark ignition system is known for its reliability and durability .
  • Built-in diagnostics facilitate quick discovery and repair of furnace issues .
  • PlusOne sensor alerts users to clogged furnace drains, preventing leaks and water damage .
  • Rheem furnaces are competitively priced compared to similar models from Trane, Carrier, and Lennox .
  • Warranties are on par with industry standards: 20-year and lifetime heat exchanger warranties, and 5-10 year general parts warranties depending on the series .

Rheem Furnace Cons

  • 80% furnaces, while cost-effective in warm climates, can lead to high heating bills in cold climates due to heat loss through vented combustion gases .
  • Lower-tier Rheem Series gas furnaces lack the quality, noise reduction, and longevity of Prestige Series models .
  • Some competing brands like Heil, Goodman, Amana, Westinghouse, Tappan, and Maytag offer better warranties .
  • Rheem furnaces are pricier than Goodman models without a clear advantage in quality or performance .

Considerations Before Purchasing a Rheem Gas Furnace

When choosing a Rheem furnace, consider the following factors:

  1. Efficiency: In warm and moderate climates, an 80% efficient furnace can be cost-effective. In colder climates, a high-efficiency (90%+) furnace is recommended for lower heating costs and a shorter payback period .

  2. Performance: Staged heating and a variable-speed blower offer balanced temperatures, less noise, and reduced humidity in summer, but come at a higher cost .

Rheem offers furnaces in various performance and efficiency levels, with top picks in each class :

  • 80% single stage: Rheem Classic R801P and R801S
  • 80% two stage: Rheem Classic Plus R802P and R802V
  • 90%+ single stage: 92% Rheem Classic R92P and 95% Rheem R95P
  • 90%+ two stage: 96% Rheem Classic Plus R96V and R96P
  • 90%+ modulating: 97% Rheem Prestige R97V

In summary, Rheem is a reliable brand offering a range of furnaces competitively priced within their respective classes. Consumers can choose models based on their efficiency and indoor comfort control preferences.


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