Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner Review: What You Need to Know

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June 1, 2024

What Is the Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner?

The Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner (PACN130HPE) is a multipurpose unit that combines a 13,000 BTU air conditioner, dehumidifier, and heat pump. Suitable for medium-sized rooms up to 500 square feet, the unit is portable and features a user-friendly interface .

The built-in dehumidifier can remove up to 90 pints of moisture, reducing the risk of mold and microbial growth. During winter, the heat pump provides 3810 watts of heating power, making the PACN130HPE a versatile year-round appliance .

Product Specs

The PACN130HPE features three fan speeds and operates quietly at a maximum of 54 dB. It includes a timer, remote control, and a dehumidifier capable of removing 3.6 pints of moisture per hour. The unit weighs 67 pounds and measures 17x16x29.5 inches .


Prices for the PACN130HPE vary widely, ranging from around $460 to $680. Similar competitors are priced between $400 and $500, while smaller evaporative fans can cost as little as $140 .

How It Compares

We compared the Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner to three similar products:

  1. Whynter ARC-143MX 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
  2. Honeywell Portable Evaporative Cooler
  3. FRIGIDAIRE Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-143MX 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter ARC-143MX is an eco-friendly, dual-hose portable air conditioner that produces 14,000 BTUs and cools spaces up to 500 square feet. It features a dehumidifier, antimicrobial fan, and a storage bag. The unit is RoHS-compliant and uses ozone-friendly refrigerants .


  • Cools rooms quickly
  • Easy-to-install venting system kit
  • Leak-resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multi-purpose appliance


  • Slightly noisier than the PACN130HPE

Honeywell CS071AE Portable Evaporative Cooler

The Honeywell CS071AE is an affordable evaporative cooler that uses water evaporation to create a natural, cool breeze. It performs best in low-humidity environments and can cool spaces up to 100 square feet. The unit also functions as a humidifier and uses only 50 watts of power .


  • Affordable
  • Mimics natural breeze
  • Works as a humidifier
  • Carbon filter cleans air


  • Only useful in small spaces

FRIGIDAIRE Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire Cool Connect is a 12,000 BTU smart window air conditioner that claims to cool spaces up to 550 square feet. It features a downloadable app for remote control, supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, and dispels air in a 360-degree motion .


  • Easy out-of-box installation
  • WiFi scheduling options
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility


  • Small casters make for difficult movement
  • Many users report WiFi connectivity issues


We give the Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner (PACN130HPE) four stars for its year-round versatility, quiet operation, and easy installation. The user-friendly display panel and remote control make operation simple, and the caster wheels allow for easy movement. While the claimed 500-square-foot cooling capacity may be slightly overstated, the PACN130HPE is a powerful and energy-efficient portable air conditioner suitable for most users .


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