Titan Water Heater Review: Key Features, Types, And More

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May 26, 2024

About Niagara Industries Inc., The Creator Of Titan Water Heaters

Niagara Industries Inc. began operations in 1985, starting with a small, electronic tankless water heater for homes. As demand grew, the company expanded and adopted the "Titan" name for its tankless water heater line in 1991. Niagara Industries partnered with plumbing supply stores like Hughes Supply Inc. and Ferguson Enterprises to sell their products .

Key Features Of A Titan Water Heater

Titan water heaters are tankless, space-saving units that occupy less than one square foot of wall space. They provide an unlimited supply of hot water on demand, reducing water heating costs by up to 40% compared to traditional tank heaters. By heating water only when needed, Titan tankless heaters avoid the issue of thermal heat loss. These units are also environmentally friendly .

Comparison To A Conventional Water Heater

Conventional tank water heaters are available in various types and sizes, are easy to install indoors, and can last up to 15 years. They typically hold 20-80 gallons of water, providing a fresh water supply in emergencies. However, they suffer from "standby loss" due to constantly keeping a tank of water hot and pose a risk of leakage if the heater malfunctions .

Types Of Titan Tankless Water Heaters

Niagara Industries offers four main lines of patented Titan water heaters: Titan SCR-2, Titan SCR-3, Titan SCR-4, and Laser .

  1. Titan SCR-2: Features space technology for faster and more accurate temperature control. Available in seven models with a wide range of applications.

  2. Titan SCR-3: Displays real-time usage and temperature settings, and features "Quad-4" technology for improved electronic control. Designed for apartment complexes with lower line voltage.

  3. Titan SCR-4: Developed in response to the growing need for larger tankless water heaters due to new bathroom fixtures and colder temperatures. Available in 18 KW and 21 KW models, ideal for residential and commercial use.

  4. Laser: Compact size, ideal for apartments, small houses, or businesses. Shielded in Incoloy elements and includes features like heating water only when necessary and high resistance to hard water.

Niagara Industries is also developing a new model for their 30th anniversary, featuring patented digital control system technology and a new outlet temperature display .

Benefits To Purchasing A Titan Water Heater

Titan water heaters offer several benefits, including :

  • Large capacity and versatility
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Good service record
  • Safety (no risk of leakage)
  • Electric models can provide hot water for 1-3 people
  • Easy installation (no gas line required)
  • Quiet operation
  • Good durability

Disadvantages To Purchasing A Titan Water Heater

Some potential drawbacks of Titan water heaters include :

  • Reduced water pressure when installed far from the point of use (can be mitigated by cleaning supply lines)
  • Confusing display (requires running water before adjusting temperature)

How Does A Titan Water Heater Hold Against Competitors?

Rheem, a company known for its heating, cooling, and water heating systems, is one of Niagara Industries' competitors. While Rheem offers a wide range of products, it does not specialize in tankless water heaters like Niagara Industries .

What Is Public Perception Of A Titan Water Heater?

Reviewers praise Titan water heaters for their size, quality of hot water, and safety. Many users report years of trouble-free operation without the need for repairs or maintenance .

Final Verdict: Should You Buy A Titan Water Heater?

Titan water heaters are highly recommended by homeowners and hotel owners for their efficiency, reasonable pricing, and safety. These tankless units provide a reliable and space-saving solution for hot water needs.


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