Titan Water Heater Review: Key Features, Types, And More

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January 5, 2022

You live in a small home and are having trouble finding a water heater that will fit in your home.

However, you still want the efficiency and savings of a good quality water heater.

Not to worry, a Titan water heater may be your solution.

Titan water heater

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About Niagara Industries Inc., The Creator Of Titan Water Heaters

In 1985, Niagara Industries Inc. was open for operation for the first time. The tankless water heater started with a small, electronic unit for the home. However, homeowners began asking for larger units.

In 1991, Niagara Industries Inc. expanded and began adopting the name “Titan” for its line of tankless water heaters. From a one-man operation, the company expanded to a nine-person group. The company partnered with and sold their products to plumping supply stores such as Hughes Supply Inc. and Ferguson Enterprises.

Key Features Of A Titan Water Heater

There are several features of a Titan water heater that distinguish them from other water heaters. First and foremost, Niagara Industries Inc. specializes in water heaters that are tankless.

As with many tankless water heaters on the market, Titan’s water heaters are space saving. They occupy zero floor space and are designed for wall mounting. The unit covers less than one square foot of wall space.

These tankless water heaters have an unlimited supply of heat and will therefore not run out of water for the day.

It is an economical operation. Reduced water heating costs as much as 40%. However, tankless water heating functions on demand. Having no hot water storage, tankless water heaters side step the issue of thermal heat loss, saving you heat energy and money.

Titan tankless water heaters are also environmentally friendly.

Comparison To A Conventional Water Heater

You can find a conventional water heater in a variety of types and sizes. A traditional tank water heater is relatively easy to install, taking only a few hours. They need to be installed indoors because they cannot tolerate harsh weather conditions. Oftentimes, people choose to install them in hidden locations such as closets or garages. They can come in electric, natural gas and propane models.

Tank water heaters generally last for up to 15 years.

A typical tank water heater will hold between 20 and 80 gallons of water in a storage tank. If you use up the hot water in your tank, you’ll need to wait until your water heater produces more hot water.

In an emergency, you’ll have a fresh water supply in the tank.

However, you waste energy from something called “standby loss” — energy used to keep a tank full of hot water at all times. Having a full tank of water all the time, you put yourself at risk in that if the heater malfunctions, gallons of water could leak from the tank onto your floors.

If you have a tight budget or timeline that prevents you from getting a tankless system instead, you’re better off with the tank water heater.

Types Of Titan Tankless Water Heaters

Niagara Industries Inc. has four major lines of patented Titan water heaters: Titan SCR-2, Titan SCR-3, Titan SCR-4 and Laser.

This Titan water heater features space technology — providing a faster and more accurate temperature sampling system, manual resettable thermostat and new air and water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry starts.

It is compact, allowing you to reduce your hot water costs by up to 60% over a conventional electric water heater. It also features a microprocessor, which samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second.

Available in seven models, the Titan SCR-2 has a wide range of applications.

This Titan water heater comes with a 10-year warranty on all water-carrying components and other parts are warranted for at least one year.

These water heaters are found in a variety of locales such as houses, apartments, condominiums, beauty salons, hospitals, boats, cottages and restaurants.

This Titan water heater is a step up from the SCR-2 models.

Displaying real time usage, temperature settings and more efficient information to the user — this line of water heaters is quite transparent. It also showcases Niagara Industries’ new “Quad-4” technology, which makes for an improved electronic proportional control system with “dual stages” of control to respond to broad variations of water flow.

This Titan water heater was specifically designed for apartment complexes, where the lower line voltage is 208 VAC. Niagara Industries’ engineers have designed and tested these models also to work in parallel with modern bathroom fixtures that feature press balancing mixing valves and flow restricted single handle valves.

It is capable of operating under normal line of voltages of 220 VAC, providing the same amount of efficiency and accuracy.

You’ll receive a 10-year warranty and one-year warranty on components with these models.

With new research emerging on the market for the need for bigger tankless water heaters, Niagara Industries responded in kind with this Titan water heater.

Today, many homeowners and builders are upgrading bathrooms with new fixtures such as body sprayers and several showerheads. Additions such as whirlpool tubs are also pervasive in new constructions. The need for hot water is on the rise because of these new developments in home construction and renovation. As well as home construction, colder temperatures are on the rise in northern states in the U.S., calling for better water heaters to brave the cold.

Enter Titan SCR-4.

This Titan water heater comes in three models and in 18 KW and 21 KW. These water heaters are ideal for residential and commercial applications.

One Titan SCR-4 can supply your home with all the hot water that you need, with your energy savings being able to pay back the unit cost in one year.

These water heaters come with a 10-year warranty on all water-carrying components and other parts are guaranteed for at least one year.

On a cautionary note, do not overheat water. Water temperature should be anywhere between 105°F to 120°F for the comfort of all.

Because of its compact size, this Titan water heater is ideal for an entire apartment, small house or business.

According to the company’s official website, you’ll save as much as 60% on water heating costs with this water heater. The heater is shielded in Incoloy elements. The water heater includes other important features:

  • Heats water only whennecessary;
  • High resistance to hard water;
  • Lessens the worry about tankruptures or flooding;
  • No pressure relief vale orventing;
  • And has a linear electronictemperature control.

All Laser water heaters are sold for export sale only.

To bring in their 30th anniversary in business, Niagara Industries Inc is developing a new model in their Titan water heater line.

This Titan water heater features patented digital control system technology and a new outlet temperature display feature that allows you to see and control the unit’s outlet temperature. The new water heater comes with a 2-year warranty on its parts and 10-year warranty on leakage.

Niagara Industries’ Tankless Water Heater Projects

In addition to its patented Titan line of water heaters, Niagara Industries is also known for its larger water heater projects in which the company was responsible for installing water heaters for hotels such as the Ramada Inn and businesses such as Florida International.

Here are some of the projects Niagara Industries has worked on:

  • Los Abetos Projects, 120 unitsinstalled;
  • Caobos Project, 80 unitsinstalled;
  • Laureles Project, 80 unitsinstalled;
  • Los Naranjos Project, 90 unitsinstalled;
  • Holiday Inn, 150 unitsinstalled;
  • The Bentley on South Beach, 86units installed;
  • Ramada Inn, 350 unitsinstalled;
  • Del Libertador Hotel Plaza, 105units installed;
  • And the “Gentry Eagle,” a 110-footyacht scheduled for a record-breaking tour in the North Atlantic, 3 unitsinstalled.

Benefits To Purchasing A Titan Water Heater

Some of the benefits of purchasing a Titan water heater from Niagara Industries’ line of water heaters include their large capacity, versatility and compact and stylish design. They also have a good service record.

Because you won’t have to worry about the harmful, accidental leakage with a conventional tank water heater, you can be sure that Titan water heaters are safe among children. A major bonus for young families.

For instance, the largest electric models can be used to provide hot water in 1-2 bedrooms and meet the needs of 1-3 people. The Titan SCR-3 tankless water heaters can provide up to 4 gallons of hot water for a single bathroom or fixture.

Most models are sufficient for a single bathroom or fixture such as a laundry room or hot tub with jets.

While it may be intuitive, all you need for an electric tankless Titan water heater is electricity. There’s no gas line you’ll need to run and it can be installed mostly anywhere in your home. These heaters are ideal for homes, workshops, labs, classrooms, cottages, boats and even RVs.

A European-styled design, these water heaters are not such an eye sore either that they can be mounted in plain sight. They are also fairly quiet, not producing unwanted noise. These water heaters have good durability.

Disadvantages To Purchasing A Titan Water Heater

While a Titan water heater can be highly efficient and save you money on your heating bill, it’s not a perfect product either.

For instance, the Titan SCR-2 N-120 water heating unit will not give you good water pressure when placed in a distant part of your home. A simple solution to rectify this issue is to clean the lines that run from the heater to the point of use as these tend to clog and reduces flow greatly. Be sure to clean the lines often and if this doesn’t work then re-install in a new location.

Another pain point in this purchase is its confusing display. It doesn’t display the usual range of Fahrenheit as most water heaters do, but instead shows three colored buttons UP (Red), DOWN (Blue) and STAND BY (Amber).

The solution?

You’ll need to run water first before pressing a button to regulate the heat. Otherwise, it can become confusing fast.

How Does A Titan Water Heater Hold Against Competitors?

Rheem water heater

One of Niagara Industries’ competitors is Rheem.

This company has been around since 1925 and is known for its heating, cooling and water heating systems and units for and commercial buyers on the market. While Rheem is a worthy competitor and company out on the market, it does not specialize in tankless water heaters as Niagara Industries does. It instead focuses on providing a wide gamut of heating and cooling products to many different consumers.

What Is Public Perception Of A Titan Water Heater?

Many reviewers who ranked the Titan water heaters commend the size of the heaters. Restaurant owners or hotel owners were impressed with the quality of hot water and safety of it being tankless.

Others recommended the water heaters for, knock on wood, not breaking down or needing repairs for several years. They also enjoyed the luxury of not having to wait for their hot water as would be the case with a traditional tank water heater. Many reviews claimed that their tankless Titan water heater did not need maintenance or parts fixed for several years.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy A Titan Water Heater?

Recommended highly by homeowners and hotel owners alike, a Titan water heater is a high-quality purchase that you’ll want among the pantheon of appliances and systems in your home. In addition to its efficiency and reasonable pricing, these water heaters are safe around children and won’t put your family at risk of leakages that you could experience with tank water heaters. Consider the kind of product you’d receive when purchasing a Titan water heater. Chances are you won’t regret it.

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