Tempstar Furnace Review: Pros, Cons and Performance

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June 12, 2019

We are now in the coldest time of the year, and this is the right time to get our furnaces and heating systems installed in our home, double-checked or tuned up. If you're still looking for the right heating system to give your home the comfort level it deserves, you may like to consider buying a furnace heating system from Tempstar.

In this article, we will list some of the issues, pros, and cons of purchasing a furnace from the Tempstar brand. This information will help you make an informed decision on why you should pick Tempstar as your heating service provider. Let's start!

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The Features of Tempstar Furnace

Tempstar offers the top-of-the-line furnace system for your home that's efficiently gas-powered. The brand makes sure that you will get the comfort level you desire, especially this winter season. Tempstar takes pride in offering an energy-saving modulation system in the furnace settings. There's also the added trademark Observer wall-control communication system for your ultimate home comfort.

Technical Specifications of Tempstar Furnace

There are many types and models of Tempstar Furnace, but generally, the options you can pick from Tempstar have the following technical specs:

  • Lifetime Heat System, which guarantees a lifetime function of its heating functionality;
  • Exchanger Limited Warranty, which gives you the chance to get a furnace repair at no extra cost;
  • 10-year No Questions Asked Limited Warranty, so you don't have to worry about repair costs;
  • Communicating Wall Capability, which gives you the control you need for the furnace quickly and efficiently.

Tempstar Furnace Series

Basic - Performance Series

The Tempstar Performance Series is economically priced and offers reliable performance. It reaches AFUE efficiency ratings of up to 95.5% and has a single-stage operation, ensuring that your home receives cost-effective comfort throughout winter.

Better - QuietComfort Series

The QuietComfort Series offers a vast array of mid-range products. The best part about this series is that the options exemplify flexibility and affordability. The QuietComfort Series is a two or single-stage operation and has a multi-speed ECM blower motor.

Best - Delux Series

Consumers will save more with the Delux Series, as it offers fuel-efficient modulation and two-stage operation options. The Delux Series offers an AFUE efficiency rating of up to 98%. Most of the top tier models achieve ENERGY STAR certification.

Deluxe 96 Gas Furnace F9MVE

The technical specs that stand out of this Tempstar Furnace model are:

  • Two-stage operation system, which allows you more heating settings.
  • A variable-speed blower that gives you a better set of controls for how the heat is emitted.

Deluxe 80 Gas Furnace F8MVL

The specs that make this model stand out are:

  • High level of efficiency, which gives you extra opportunity to save on utility bills.
  • A heat pump and thermostat feature that gives a dual level of energy-saving capacity for the furnace.


  • One of Tempstar Furnace's most appealing advantage is its ability to offer heating systems that are not heavy on costs. You may be able to get a heating and furnace system from other brands, but they might significantly increase your electricity bills.
  • Another stand-out feature in any Tempstar Furnace is its communicating wall innovation, which allows you to get better control of how the heating is distributed throughout the house.
  • You can also rely on a Tempstar Furnace's promise to give you world-class fuel-efficient heating mechanism without compromising quality. In other brands, you may only get to save a minimal amount of fuel to power the heating system, but sometimes the level of comfort you feel is compromised. Tempstar makes sure that this will not be an issue for you.


  • One minor disadvantage that buyers of Tempstar furnace are nitpicking about is their terms of the limited warranty. Although the service from Tempstar is reliable enough sometimes to render the warranty unnecessary, it may be better for Tempstar to increase the coverage of the warranty.
  • Another issue that buyers complain about the Tempstar furnace is the sound they make when running. In fact, some of the Tempstar heating system models could have a running sound of about 69 decibels. This score is slightly higher than the industry average for the category in which the furnace belongs.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Tempstar Furnace

No matter what model you buy from Tempstar, you should always remember to double-check on the specifications, energy rating, and the warranty. Ask questions from an authorized seller of Tempstar units about the information you need to know regarding a faulty furnace.

If you're buying the QuietComfort 96 Gas Furnace F9MXE, you should make sure to double check how loud or quiet the furnace is when running for a long time, and not just for a few minutes that you tested the product.

1-year No Hassle Replacement Agreement

You should also verify the 1-year No Hassle Replacement Agreement in the contract because you may not be able to return it should you find that the decibels of the sound, when it's running, is too loud for you.

When deciding on getting a Performance 95 Gas Furnace of N9MSE, make sure you understand what the term means when the model says that it has 95% AFUE. The best way to get the answer to that is to ask the authorized seller.

Whatever model you're buying, you should also understand what the different warranties mean. Some models only offer Limited Warranty for one year, while others have a 20-year Heat Exchanger Warranty. Knowing the difference could mean hundreds of dollars of savings.

Affordability is also another topic that you should verify with the seller. You may want to save money on the purchase, but affordability could also mean the absence of features that you need. That means you should understand the different features that don't exist in the furnace you want to buy.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right furnace to install in your home might not be as easy as you think. When you have this guide that we wrote for you, it may not be difficult anymore.

In this article, you also learned some of the pros and cons of buying a furnace from Tempstar. You also learned some of the things to verify when you're ready to buy a furnace system from Tempstar.

Do you have anything else to add? Share your questions or comments here or on our Facebook page, and let everyone know why Tempstar is the best or not the best brand to trust for your home's heating needs! You may even just send us an email if you have any questions about our article. Thank you for reading!

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