Tempstar Air Conditioner Review: Pros, Cons, Performance

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April 17, 2024

Tempstar Air Conditioner Review (2024 Update)

Tempstar, part of International Comfort Products (ICP) and a division of Carrier, offers a varied lineup of 12 central air conditioner models, each available in sizes up to 60,000 BTU/h (5 tons) . The models are grouped into three series:

  1. Performance Series (Basic): 7 models, 13-16 SEER
  2. QuietComfort Series (Better): 3 models, 13-16 SEER
  3. Deluxe Series (Best): 2 models, 17 & 19 SEER

Technical Specifications

  1. Deluxe 19 TVA9: Variable-speed compressor, modulates between 40% and 100% for precise temperature control .
  2. Deluxe 17 (TCA7): Two-stage model, runs on low capacity (65%) most of the time for quieter cooling and minimal temperature fluctuations .
  3. Other models: Single-stage ACs, run at full capacity, louder operation with slight temperature swings and less humidity reduction .
  4. Energy Star certification: Deluxe Series and QuietComfort 16 (TSA6) models .
  5. Wi-Fi Observer control: Supports Deluxe and QuietComfort models, allows remote monitoring and adjusting .
  6. Noise levels: Range from 56 dB (Deluxe 19) to 76 dB (Performance 16) .

Pros and Cons


  • Efficiency and performance options: 13-19 SEER, single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity units .
  • Above-average warranties, including 5-year or 10-year unit replacement coverage .
  • Two-speed fan motor on Deluxe models for quieter and more efficient operation .
  • Compact model (Performance 14 NH4A4) for space-limited locations .
  • Durable model (Performance 13 N4A3**C) for harsh, seaside climates .
  • Soft-mounted compressors on Deluxe and QuietComfort models for reduced startup noise .
  • Wi-Fi compatibility for remote control and energy savings .
  • National distribution system for parts and unit availability .


  • Lower maximum efficiency (19 SEER) compared to top models from competitors .
  • Limited staged cooling options, with only two models offering this feature .
  • High noise levels (74-76 dB) on six models .
  • Sold only through registered dealers, requiring written estimates for total installation costs .

Considerations Before Purchasing

  1. Consider a heat pump system for very warm climates or a dual-fuel system for very cold climates to lower energy bills .
  2. Choose higher efficiency models for warmer and more humid summers, unless moving soon .
  3. Ensure proper sizing of the AC during installation to avoid wasted energy and temperature swings .


Tempstar air conditioners offer a range of efficiency and performance options, with above-average warranties and features like Wi-Fi compatibility. However, their maximum efficiency is lower than some competitors, and many models have high noise levels. When choosing a Tempstar AC, consider your climate, budget, and the importance of features like staged cooling and remote control.


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