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We are husband and wife HVAC contractors who started in 1988. We formed this web site so consumers could have an educational place to go for good, solid information. We are not trying to sell you anything. We just want pass on years of research, trial and error, and our street knowledge. Hopefully you will find it useful, helpful and enjoyable. Maybe we can even make you smile.
October 19, 2014
Funniest Cat Commercial Ever

Cats and Air Conditioning

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October 12, 2014
Economy Effects HVAC Buying Habits

Economy Issues Affect Change in Consumer Shopping Habits By Betty Stephens American household buying habits accounts for around 70% of the U.S. economy. What consumers shop for is seperated  into two main categories.  First, they spending on  such items as food, clothing and shelter.  Second, there is more  discretionary spending.   This is on items such […]

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November 17, 2013
Drop-In Refrigerants

Drop-in Refrigerants Replace R22, that Mix w/ R22 By Betty Stephens R22 Drop In Replacement R22 is the most common refrigerant in residential and light commercial A/C applications. It has been phased out due to damage that it does to the ozone layer, so availability is limited to existing stockpiles and refrigerant recovered from decommissioned […]

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March 24, 2013
Help Paying For Repair Bills When You Have MS

Help for those with Multiple Sclerosis It is good to give back, help out those in need and donate to charity. I have to be honest and say I have become wary of organizations that represent themselves as charities these days. I am not confident the money gets to those who really need it the […]

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August 18, 2011
Recommendation On Home Warranty Provider

Home Warranties: I am often asked about the different Home Warranty Companies and my opinion of them.  I have found many of them care very little for the customer and care only for the bottom line.  Which is the what and why they are in business. I have dealt with many different Home Warranty Companies […]

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April 25, 2011
Home Warranties, Are They Worth It?

You just bought a home, pockets a little light, something breaks.  Thank goodness the house came with a home warranty, right?  I would say yes and no.  I want you to have all the facts and insider details about how these contracts work.  This is information to consider before you purchase or renew a home […]

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We formed this web site so consumers could have an educational place to go for good, solid information.  We are not trying to sell you anything.
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