LG Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews: How It Compares To Similar Units

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January 15, 2019

LG Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews

Air conditioning is clearly a first world amenity, and it has left us needing to keep cool when we’re indoors. The fresh air feels good and keeps you comfortable when you’re inside, especially when it feels like ten million degrees outside.

At the same time, it can be expensive to run a central air unit day in and day out, so you may feel like reconsidering if you need to save some money on utility costs. To save on those costs, many people are choosing units like the LG ductless air conditioner instead.

While other personal air conditioning options exist, having a ductless air conditioner allows you to cool a single room conveniently and efficiently. There are also options to be able to keep them hidden from view if you’re worried about that.

What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner and How Does It Work?

Ductless air conditioners are air conditioners that use an outdoor condenser that further pumps cooler air indoors.

The units available have different makes and models. Some are mounted directly to the wall or ceiling while others sit on the floor.

In between the unit and the condenser, you’ll find a conduit that connects them. The conduit contains the power cable, a drain, and refrigerant.

A ductless air conditioner works similarly to central air but in a single room. It’s a great option if you don’t want to install traditional air ducts inside your home. These types of air conditioners are also very energy efficient.

More About LG Ductless Air Conditioners

LG ductless air conditioners come in different models. There are the Ducted Mini Split system, and the LG Wall Mounted Extended piping system.

Within these models, there is a multitude of units available that are both single zone and multi-zone systems. All are designated by the total amount of space they can cool effectively.

Among the options, you’ll find units that can cool rooms as small as 350 sq. feet and rooms are as large as 2400 sq. feet. They’re also available in modern designs and will look fantastic in contemporary homes or commercial properties.

What Makes Ductless Air Conditioners Unique?

Ductless air conditioners have unique qualities that may end up being perfect for you and your needs. As an example, units like the LG ductless air conditioner are highly energy efficient. They tend to have a better performance compared to other A/C units. Those that are rated Energy Star-Certified are even better.

Installation of ductless air conditioners is also a snap. You can call in an HVAC tech, but the reality is that you can likely install the air conditioner yourself. That makes installation cheaper, too than calling out an HVAC pro to work on a central air unit.

Allergy sufferers will also appreciate a ductless air conditioner. Various types of debris can build up inside ducts leading to health issues for those that have allergies. With a mini-split A/C unit, that becomes a non-issue.

If you’ve ever heard a window unit, you know that those types of air conditioners can be pretty loud when they’re running. Ductless air conditioners are exactly opposite and can operate almost entirely silently.

With central air, you probably have that one room that doesn’t get cooled very well, as well as the room on the other side of the house that gets cooled extremely well. Using ductless air conditioners eliminates this issue as you can control the temperature of the rooms individually, so everyone stays cool.

Ways LG Ductless Air Conditioners Are Unique

Because of the vast range of products available from LG, you can find a unit for any size room. The HYV1 and HYV2 are fantastic options for smaller rooms in hot climates.

Among mid-range systems, you’ll find several different single-zone air conditioners that allow you to adjust in both design and efficiency depending on the size of the room you want to cool. The largest room recommendation in single-zone units is 1750 sq. feet.

If you have a larger home or office space that you want to cool effectively and efficiently, then you can look into multi-zone systems. They include units that allow for both cooling and heating as needed. You can also combine them with other single-zone systems if you’d like.

Finally, if you don’t care to have units mounted on the walls, you have the option of getting a ducted system. The name is somewhat misleading as the air conditioner is still ductless, but is installed inside the existing air conditioner duct system to keep it out of sight.

Pricing on LG Ductless Air Conditioners

The downside of ductless air conditioners is that they tend to be more expensive than their counterparts. Cost seems to correlate to capacity, so you can end up paying several thousand dollars for a single unit designed to cool a larger room.

Some ductless air conditioners also have a heat pump option to allow you to have warm air when it gets cold out. Depending on the type of unit you purchase, you have a range of prices you can expect.

Pricing for any of the LG ductless air conditioners should include considering both equipment costs in addition to the installation costs that you may incur.

On the lower end of equipment costs, you can expect to pay at minimum around $1600 for the unit. For a larger unit, you can end up paying close to $8000 for a multi-zone system.

Installation costs mirror the amounts that you can expect to pay with the minimum price range being between $2300-$2400 on the lower end for smaller single-zone units. You can expect the maximum to be upwards of $12000 for a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system.

Public Perception of LG Ductless Air Conditioners

LG has a reputation for being sleek and modern when it comes to having the best tech and devices. They tend to be known for having outstanding products, but when it comes to the LG ductless air conditioner, there are some interesting things to think about according to multiple customers.

Over at Pick HVAC, you’ll find several reviews that you should really take the time to read because they have some valuable information. One customer states, “This thing is a total rip-off! It is not unlike LG, a company with a reputation to uphold, to pass off this sorry excuse of a machine for a useful device. I am totally disappointed and have a strong feeling that my $1,000 ought to be refunded. I got the heater 10 months ago and it rarely performs its job: too much noise and excessive heating when operational, and completely silent and inactive when you need it most. It is a complete turn-off.”

On the other hand, you’re going to see a few positive reviews that seem to sing nothing but praise for the ductless air conditioner. “No other heat pump has been able to give my family the peace and comfort to enjoy the environment of the home like the LMN127HVT from LG. With its massive 12,000BTU power, it is much more than just a heater as it purifies air as well. When winter comes calling and we have to worry about electricity bills, it is never an issue with this heat pump. It is mounted safely out of reach of children on the wall and its presence would never be felt save for the constant breeze of fresh air.”

If you were to go over to Amazon, you’re going to see positive and negative reviews, too. The negative ones seem to point to customer service issues. As an example, this review from D. Stassel states, “Do not buy anything from LG. They have the worst customer service and they don’t want to fix your product. Their warranty is good for parts only and they still won’t fix it. This air con system never worked correctly and died within 2 years of barely any use. They keep saying that someone will call you and they never do. This has been going on for months now! I am not giving up until I either get this product fixed or I get a new one. Beware of this company.”

How it Compares to Similar Units

Mission AC did some comparisons with the top models in ductless units. These included the Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and LG ductless air conditioners. According to them, although the LG was among the least expensive, it was far from being the best all around system.

Instead, they claim that Daikin and Mitsubishi are the cream of the crop when it comes to mini-split systems. Not only does the Mitsubishi offer incredible efficiency comparatively speaking, but it is equally efficient in both heating and cooling.

Daikin wins the honor of being better than most competitors because it also has more features than the LG ductless units that are on the market. It is also easy to store and install as needed.

Both of these models are also quieter than the LG units, and both offer better warranties as well as customer service. Daikin has the best warranty as it is a 12-year limited warranty, but it is still better than the 5 year and 7 year warranty on the Mitsubishi for parts and the compressor respectively.

LG does do fairly well when comparing the sound levels as it is the quietest of the different models. Even still, it does not have the same features or efficiency as compared to the Daikin or Mitsubishi units. These options make the Daikin models some of the best on the market.

Something that you should also keep in mind is the fact that in order to purchase a Daikin model, you have to reach out to an authorized dealer. It’s the same way for Mitsubishi ductless systems. You’ll need to go to each of their websites to find somewhere to purchase these systems if these are what you want.

What We Think of LG Ductless Air Conditioners

A ductless air conditioner is a splendid option for many reasons. From overall efficiency to a lesser operational cost, there are a lot of positives for these types of units.

On the positive side, because LG does have so many models available, you can easily select the one that would best fit the rooms you want to cool. It makes the application of these units feel as though they are fully customizable to your needs.

At the same time, because customer service is lacking, selecting an LG ductless air conditioner feels more like a “do at your own risk” kind of choice. You need to know going in that if you choose to install one of their units, you run a good chance of dealing with a less than stellar customer service department.

Truly, we feel that you’d be better off going with a different manufacturer for several reasons. The limited number of features on these systems from LG, the high costs for the units combined with the installation expenses, and the negative customer service experiences reported by consumers would indicate you should probably steer clear unless you’ve got your heart on purchasing an LG system.

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