Top 8 HVAC Troubleshooting Apps

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February 14, 2018

The top HVAC troubleshooting apps on any tech’s phone or tablet are amazing tools for cutting diagnostic and repair times, making customers happy and maximizing the profitability of every service call.

Consequently, these HVAC troubleshooting apps are available for Android and iOS. Purchase and/or download them wherever you get your apps including Google Play and iTunes. Here are the 8 best troubleshooting apps for HVAC and what sets them apart.

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8 HVAC Troubleshooting Apps Every Technician Needs

You'll be working smarter with these handy apps that take the hassle out of getting the job done right.

  • HVAC Buddy
  • AC Troubleshooter
  • HVAC Duct Sizer
  • HyTools
  • Imanifold
  • HVAC Check & Charge
  • Airflow Balancing Meter
  • HVAC Equipment Locator

We recommend a 5-step plan for making the most of them:

  • Review these apps to determine which seem most helpful for the HVAC-R work you do
  • Go to your app store to purchase each app, if necessary, and download it to your devices
  • Familiarize yourself with the apps you select before you need them
  • Put them to the test on the job
  • In time, replace apps that don’t live up to expectations by trying competing apps with better functionality

You'll soon find a toolbox of HVAC troubleshooting apps that make work-life easier and more productive. Here is a closer look at the apps, their features and cost:

App 1: HVAC Buddy

Everybody loves HVAC Buddy – or at most do anyway, as its 80% approval ratings show. HVAC Buddy is an award-winning suite of tools and a library of information at your fingertips:

  • Specs on 70+ refrigerants
  • TEET/Airflow calculations
  • Superheat for fixed capillary and subcool for TXV & EXV
  • Targeted vs. actual subcooling calculations
  • Superheat and subcool tables or manual calculations
  • Diagnostics for overcharge, contaminants, leaks and more
  • Realtime temperature updates
  • Built-in instructions for using all the tools
  • com readers’ #2 favorite app
  • If you like the standard HVAC Buddy, the company makes a bunch more useful apps including a Load Calc and Duct Calc apps
  • $9.99
  • Get HVAC Buddy

App 2: AC Troubleshooter

They got the name right, but what about its features? There are quick troubleshooting guides for techs and homeowners too:

  • No heat/poor heat
  • No cool/poor cool
  • Noise – indoor/outdoor/both
  • Drains – Leaks
  • BTU/hour calculations
  • Free
  • Get AC Troubleshooter

App 3: HVAC Duct Sizer

Next, you have everything related to sizing ducts:

  • Size by airflow
  • Size by dimensions
  • Range of duct size options
  • Design with duct shapes
  • Convert rectangular dimensions to equivalent oval and opposite
  • Calculate by duct material
  • Have calculation results emailed to you to make a hard copy
  • $5.99
  • Get Duct Sizer

App 4: HyTools

That’s Hy, as in hydronics. The HyTools app is one of the best heating and air conditioning troubleshooting apps for those that install and repair hydronic boilers and systems. Moreover, it is feature-rich with:

  • Hydronic calculator (input two values to calculate the third)
  • Zeparo Dp calculation
  • Check flow Kv/Cv pressure drop calculations
  • Flow and valve setting pressure drop calculations
  • Dirt and air separator pressure drop calculation
  • Sizing for valves (including presetting) and pipes
  • Radiator power panel and column estimates
  • Conversions
  • Run-time localizations for 24 regions
  • Language selection for 16 languages
  • Free
  • Get HyTools

App 5: iManifold

This is one of the top HVAC troubleshooting apps that focuses on refrigerants. It’s a real pros tool, giving you quick, reliable calculations. Furthermore, there’s a bit of a learning curve, so test drive it in the shop before it’s go-to time on the job. Finally, iManifold offers:

  • HVAC/R system performance calculations
  • Troubleshooting of systems through the data you input (live system data)
  • 40 selectable refrigerants (covers 90% of applications)
  • Automated data saving for cloud subscribers
  • Generates reports with a few taps
  • Regular updates add refrigerant information
  • Free
  • Get iManifold

App 6: HVAC Check & Charge

This top HVAC troubleshooting app does some of what HVAC Buddy can do, but it’s free. What's more, the app is designed by industry leader Emerson. As such, HVAC Check & Charge is an instant mobile charge calculator for HVAC/R applications you can use to:

  • Quickly and accurately calculate R-22 and R-410A (Puron, et al) charges
  • Select Subcooling, Superheat or Airflow for your calculations
  • Enter the system temperature specs plus latent and sensible environmental loads
  • Use the derived data from the calculations to determine if the current charge is correct or needs to be altered
  • Free
  • Get HVAC Check & Charge

App 7: Airflow Balancing Meter

This is the perfect field companion to the best-selling ABM-100 airflow anemometer ($32-$40 from most retailers). As such, you just need to plug the meter into the headphone jack and get the reading instantly. Note: The Airflow Balancing Meter doesn’t work in about 25% of devices. Moreover, the issue seems to be related to the jack and not the app. It’s free, so there’s no harm in giving it and the anemometer a whirl.

App 8: HVAC Equipment Locator

Sometimes, the trouble is locating the piece of equipment that is scheduled for service or that sent a repair notification. The HVAC Equipment Locator uses GPS to guide service techs right to the spot. The app stores more than just location. Moreover, for every piece of equipment, it also:

  • Tracks maintenance data that can then be shared via the app with authorized users
  • Offers customization of the input screens for storing and viewing important data about each piece of equipment
  • Stores information for unlimited system components
  • Can be quickly updated with service information
  • Stores photos, spec sheets, and other useful information
  • Free
  • Get HVAC Equipment Locator

Getting Familiar with the Apps You Select

Finally, you'll only use the apps you’re familiar with, and good apps only help if you use them properly. Put our 5-step plan into action, and you’ll soon be optimizing your productivity and maximizing your profits. If your colleagues in the HVAC industry are motivated about success too, they’ll appreciate you for passing along this guide to the top HVAC troubleshooting apps available.

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