Goodman Heat Pump Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance and Top Picks

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June 12, 2019

The Goodman heat pump reviews provide information you can use to decide if a Goodman product is right for your home or business. You’ll find performance and technical specifications for the four Goodman heat pump units, top models and the pros and cons of choosing the brand.

Since Harold Goodman began manufacturing HVAC components in 1982, Goodman has captured a huge market share by being the low-cost heating and cooling brand. Its quality has been suspect, though. Global HVAC giant Daikin has owned Goodman since 2012 and appears committed to keeping the brand in its traditional price-conscious niche.

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Goodman Heat Pump Brand Overview

Daikin has reduced the Goodman heat pump lineup to just four models. This provides consumers with a limited number of options for efficiency and performance. Compare that to the eight Trane models reviewed on our site or the 17 Carrier heat pumps. The GSZ14 (15 SEER/9.0 HSPF) and GSZ16 (16 SEER/9.0 HSPF) models are Goodman single-stage heat pumps.

The DSZC16 (16 SEER/9.5 HSPF) and DSZC18 (18 SEER/9.5 HSPF) heat pumps are two-stage Goodman heat pumps.

Note: The higher the cooling SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and heating HSPF (heat seasonal performance factor), the more efficiently the Goodman heat pump transfers heat out of or into your home.

GSZ14 Features:

  • High-efficiency scroll compressor.
  • SmartShift defrost technology.
  • Bi-flow liquid-line filter dryer.
  • Copper tube with aluminum fin coil.
  • Factory installed suction line, high-capacity muffler and compressor crankcase heater.
  • Ground lug connection.
  • AHRI certified.

DSZC16 Features: 

  • High-density foam compressor heat blanket
  • Comfort alert diagnostics built in.
  • Smartshift defrost technology.
  • Diagnostic indicator lights.
  • Coastal anti-corrosive coating.
  • Factory installed suction line, high-capacity muffler and compressor crankcase heater.
  • Bi-flow liquid-line filter dryer.
  • Ground lug connection.
  • AHRI certified.

Overall Goodman Heat Pump Technical Specifications

  • Goodman single-stage heat pumps are the most affordable and least efficient. They run at 100% capacity when on, so they’re noisy and may heat and cool past the thermostat set point.
  • The top single-stage Goodman heat pump is the Goodman SZ16 with built-in defrost function and high/low-pressure switches.
  • Goodman two-stage heat pumps cost more but deliver quieter, more comfortable climate control by running at 65% capacity. The only time that doesn't happen is when you change the setpoint or the outdoor temperatures rise/fall quickly, and the heat pump must catch up.
  • The overall best Goodman heat pump is the two-stage DSZC18 with defrost, pressure switches and compatibility with Goodman’s ComfortNet Communication technology. That optimizes climate control and efficiency.
  • While the single-stage Goodman heat pump models are built with a compressor of standard quality, the two-stage models feature the well-regarded Copeland Ultratech scroll compressor made by parts giant Emerson.
  • Goodman has a short-cycle prevention technology called SmartShift that protects the compressor and improves longevity.
  • Factory-installed filter driers remove moisture from the refrigerant before it can reduce the effectiveness.

Pros and Cons of Goodman Heat Pumps

Here are the main reasons consumers choose a Goodman heat pump or stay away from the brand.

Goodman Heat Pump Pros

  • Goodman combines good (though not outstanding) quality with some of the lowest prices in the industry to create an excellent value.
  • The warranties on Goodman heat pumps are among the industry’s best, including a complete unit replacement for a failed compressor.
  • All Goodman heat pump models are Energy Star rated, and the most efficient may qualify for significant rebates from your energy company
  • Since Goodman is a nationwide brand, installers and repair parts are readily available.
  • Goodman heat pumps use R-410A, shown to be less impactful on the environment than older residential HVAC refrigerants.

Goodman Heat Pump Cons

  • The primary concern about Goodman is the shaky dependability record beyond 10 years.
  • The reduction of the lineup to just four models gives consumers fewer options than available with most other brands;
  • The most efficient Goodman heat pump, the DSZC18 (18 SEER/9.5 HSPF), has lower efficiency ratings than competitors such as the Lennox XP25(23.5 SEER / 10.2 HSPF), and the Carrier Infinity 20 / Bryant Evolution 280A (20.5 SEER/13 HSPF).
  • While the Goodman heat pump parts warranties are outstanding, most don’t cover labor on repairs past the industry-standard 12 months. That means you might have high repair bills if your Goodman unit fails prematurely.
  • Most other top brands have introduced a modulating/variable-capacity heat pump that delivers 20+ efficiency and tremendous climate control. Goodman is a step behind.
  • Goodman heat pumps are sold to any HVAC company, not just those certified by Goodman. Make sure your installer has Goodman training and certification.

Things to Consider After Reading the Goodman Heat Pump Reviews

When considering saving money on an affordable heat pump, you must consider the mediocre service record of Goodman. The trade-off is a lower price for a unit that should last 12-15 years but might have a few mechanical issues versus the higher cost of a premium heat pump that will last 20+ years.

Take your climate into consideration, too. The more extreme your weather, the more efficient the unit should be. In very hot climates, only consider heat pumps with 20 SEER or higher. That's something Goodman doesn’t offer, though parent-company Daikin does in the Daikin D21 SEER/10 HSPF DZ20VC.

The more important precise indoor comfort is, including dehumidifying your home in hot summer weather, the more efficient the unit should be. Single-stage models do a poor job with climate control. The two-stage models are better. Modulating/variable-capacity heat pumps such as the Lennox XP25, Maytag iQ Drive PSH4BI and Carrier Infinity 20 are the best, but Goodman doesn’t make one.

Final Thoughts

We trust that the Goodman heat pump reviews have helped you decide whether to consider Goodman heat pumps or to rule them out. If this information interests you or helps your friends and followers on social media, why not pass it along? Perhaps, it will help them select a heat pump that saves them money and does a superior job by making their home comfortable. Dont's hesitate to e-mail us any questions or comments.

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