Goodman AC Review: Pros, Cons, Performance, Top Picks

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April 7, 2024

Goodman AC Guide: Performance, Efficiency, and Pros & Cons

Introduction to Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman, a Houston-based company with four US manufacturing plants, has been making air conditioners since 1982. According to our research, Goodman quickly gained market share with competitive prices and excellent warranties, although there have been concerns about their quality. However, this may change following the acquisition of Goodman by Daikin Industries, the world's largest HVAC equipment manufacturer, in 2012.

Goodman AC Model Overview

Goodman offers five AC models with varying efficiency, performance, and price points:

  • GSX13, GSX14, and GSX16: Single-stage heat pumps (the number indicates the SEER rating)
  • DSXC16 and DSXC18: Two-stage heat pumps

It's worth noting that Goodman does not offer a modulating heat pump, which puts them behind competitors like Trane, Lennox, and Carrier.

Technical Specifications

Single-Stage AC Models

Goodman's single-stage ACs (GSX models) run at full capacity and noise levels whenever they are operating. They use a universal scroll compressor of average quality and may cool past the thermostat set point, resulting in mild temperature fluctuations. The top single-stage model is the Goodman GSX16.

Two-Stage AC Models

The two-stage models (DSXC16 and DSXC18) run at about 65% capacity and noise level most of the time, providing more balanced and gentle cooling without overshooting the set point. They increase to 100% capacity only when the thermostat setting is lowered or outdoor temperatures rise quickly. These models use the highly regarded Copeland two-stage Ultratech scroll compressor and are considered Goodman's best overall ACs.

The "C" in the DSXC16 and DSXC18 model names indicates compatibility with the Goodman ComfortNet Communications System, an upgrade (around $400) that optimizes efficiency and climate control.

Goodman AC units are available in capacities ranging from 1.5 tons (18,000 BTU) to 5.0 tons (60,000 BTU), although not all models offer half-ton increments.

Pros and Cons of Goodman Air Conditioners


  • Value leaders in the market due to reasonable quality and low prices
  • Most models backed by an outstanding warranty
  • 16 SEER and 18 SEER models are Energy Star rated and may be eligible for energy company rebates
  • Use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • 13 SEER model available for infrequent use
  • National brand with easy access to dealers, installers, and parts


  • Long-term reliability not as good as other top-selling brands
  • Labor generally not covered beyond one year
  • More efficient ACs available from other brands for extremely hot climates or eco-conscious consumers
  • Best models are two-stage, lacking the comfort and dehumidification of modulating ACs from other brands
  • Historically wholesaled to any HVAC installer, potentially leading to inferior installation if the company is not factory-trained

Considerations Before Purchasing a Goodman AC

When deciding on a Goodman AC, consider the following:

  1. Goodman's historically inferior quality compared to other top brands. Experts suggest Goodman offers good value for a 12-15 year lifespan, but for a dependable 20-year AC, consider other brands.
  2. Your climate and usage. GSX13 and GSX14 models are suitable for cool climates or infrequently used spaces, while higher SEER models (GSX16, DSXC16, DSXC18) are more cost-effective in very warm climates. For extreme summers, choose the 18 SEER model or consider more efficient ACs from other brands.


Goodman air conditioners offer competitive prices and excellent warranties, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons, consider your climate and usage, and compare Goodman to other brands before making a decision. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with friends and followers who may also be considering a Goodman AC for their home.

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