Envirotemp Water Heater Reviews: Comparison To Other Brands

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July 30, 2018

Shopping for water heaters can be a stressful experience if you’re unfamiliar with the terms and features. Each water heater looks remarkably similar, so identifying the right unit for your home can be tricky. One popular model is the Envirotemp water heater. This review will look at the specifications of these water heaters, and compare and contrast it to other models. Take a look at the pros and cons of this water heater to determine whether it is the right fit for your home. Whether you are purchasing for a new house, or replacing an older, dysfunctional unit, this water heater is a popular choice and has several unique features. Make the most out of this big purchase, and you’ll have hot water without any stress for 15 or more years. Choose the wrong unit, and you’ll have leaking or inefficient use very soon after purchasing.

What Is an Envirotemp Water Heater?

The Envirotemp offers an environmentally-friendly heater that uses extra insulation to prevent losing excessive heat. This not only cuts down your heat bill, but also gives you the peace of mind knowing you are using less fossil fuels for your hot water needs. This water heater is easy to use and has a simple button to ignite. It uses 34,000 BTUs to quickly and efficiently heat your hot water. If you are looking for a high-quality water heater with a reasonable price, this model offers a great value for anyone using natural gas for their hot water needs. It only has a gallon per hour (GPH) rate of 34.8, so it isn’t quite as fast at reheating as some other competitors on this list. This water heater is designed to be used in a residential setting and needs to be installed indoors. The water line comes in on top of the heater. It doesn’t have any WiFi or Bluetooth accessibility, so you won’t be able to access its features remotely. This model isn’t designed for high altitude uses. The Envirotemp water heater has a three-year warranty, but be careful – the three years begins on the manufacturing date, rather than the date of purchase.

What Size Water Heater Should I Use?

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a hot water heater. The size of the hot water heater is measured in gallons. This is the amount of water that is kept hot and ready for use. Typically, a household of one or two people will only need a 23 to 36 gallon hot water heater. Most water heaters on this list are larger, typically 40 or 50 gallons. These are made for three to five people. However, the amount of hot water you use, whether showers, dishwasher or laundry, dramatically affects the amount of hot water you need. Consider your own usage to best determine the size of hot water heater you’ll need. If you buy too large, you may pay more for heating than you need. Or, if you have a small hot water heater, you’ll soon be taking cold showers. However, this isn’t only affected by the size of your water heater, but also how quickly it can replenish its supply of hot water. In order to determine that amount, the industry uses GPH, or gallons per hour, to compare water heaters. This rate is typically set at 90 degrees. Whichever size you determine, you should also consider the heat source.

Should I Use a Natural Gas Water Heater?

There are several pros and cons to using natural gas for your water heater. It’s generally more expensive to buy a natural gas water heater. It’s also more complicated to install, so it could cost more to hire a professional. However, gas water heaters save you lots of money on your monthly bill and typically make up their cost difference in as little as one year. Because these water heaters all have a warranty of three or more years, and typically can last up to 15 years, natural gas is the more cost-effective choice. There are downsides to natural gas, like the upfront cost and the installation fees. They also can be more expensive to fix. However, natural gas water heaters are safe and very popular. Be sure, of course, that your house has a natural gas line available to use these water heaters. If you use propane, it could be more expensive.

How Can I Install a Water Heater?

Installing a water heater requires someone skilled in both electrical and plumbing work. While it can be a moderate DIY project, there are typically also permits required, depending on your area. Depending on your current water heater, there may be more work necessary to prepare for a natural gas water heater. It’s recommended that you hire a professional to take care of your water heater installation. That way, you can breathe easier knowing that your water heater is installed safely and correctly.


  • $429.00
  • 40 gallons
  • Natural gas water heater
  • Easy pilot light igniter
  • 2-inch foam insulation
  • Dimensions: 61 inches tall, 19.75-inch diameter
  • 3-year warranty


Tanked water heaters can range between $200 and $800, depending on the size and heat source. Each one comes with their own features, and different sized tanks are rated for different sized families. For a natural gas water heater, you can expect to spend between $300 and $800 on a good water heater. While that range accounts for tank size, it also accounts for build quality and ease of use. The water heaters on this list have a similar range in prices, between $414 and $715. The high-end water heater tanks not only hold more water, but also reheat the hot water more quickly and come with a longer warranty. Compare each water heater below to help determine whether a heater is worth the investment or not.

How It Compares

Envirotemp 40-Gallon Tall Natural Gas Water Heater



Ease of Use:
Assembly Time:
Build Quality:

A.O. Smith Signature 40-Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater



Ease of Use:
Assembly Time:
Build Quality:

This water heater comes at a great price, and has a few features that make it convenient to use and great to have in any home. It has safety features in place to make sure there is less risk of a fire due to natural gas leaks or vapors. It also has a great ignition system that is easy to use. You can diagnose any problems in the system with an LED indicator that updates you on the status of your water heater’s systems. With 34,000 BTUs, it has a GPH recovery rate of 36. Customers love it because it is a highly effective machine at a very reasonable cost.

Westinghouse WER052C2X055N06 52-Gallon Electric Water Heater



Ease of Use:
Assembly Time:
Build Quality:

The only electric model on this list, the Westinghouse water heater is still a very popular and effective choice. It’s far more expensive, but the cost is made up for with 52 gallons of water and a six-year warranty. While it is electric, 5,500 watts give it far more power than usual electric water heaters. This increases the speed of recovery, and in the first hour this unit can provide 71 gallons of hot water. It’s an excellent choice if you want a best selling water heater but aren’t able to use natural gas heaters. However, the upfront cost is quite expensive, and electric water heaters typically cost more than similarly sized gas water heaters.

Rheem Performance 40-Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater



Ease of Use:
Assembly Time:
Build Quality:

This powerful natural gas water heater uses 36,000 BTUs to comfortably provide hot water for two to four people. It’s a very cost-effective model and has an easy-to-start ignition. In the first hour, it can provide 68 gallons of hot water. While this water heater is very inexpensive, it’s a popular choice and comes with a six-year warranty. Many customers love the convenience and efficiency of this unit. However, some customers had quality issues, and received water heaters that were either defective, or soon became defective. While the six-year warranty will cover these issues, it’s still a major inconvenience. This heater is great for anyone who needs an efficient water heater on a budget.

Pros and Cons of the Envirotemp Water Heater

There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a water heater, and many of the features on these models are very similar. Carefully look through each area to determine the pros and cons that are most useful to you. Whether you choose to purchase an Envirotemp water heater or not, many of these pros and cons are important features to notice in another brand or model of water heater.


The Envirotemp water heater has plenty of capacity for two to four people. The 2-inch insulation is not only constructed out of environmentally-friendly material, but also keeps your water hotter for longer. Depending on your needs, the gallons-per-hour is still a reasonable number and keeps the heater running efficiently. It is a very cost-effective unit, and the ignition is easy to use. There’s a thermostat that has a lot of features, including a vacation setting. This allows you to get the most out of your heater, while still ensuring safety. It’s a tall-style water heater, so the slim design is easy to fit into smaller spaces near your other appliances and utilities. There’s a window for a pilot light. This allows you to check the flame, ensuring it is lit properly. While there are many other safety features, an unlit pilot light could be dangerous, as your house fills with natural gas fumes. The pilot light window, while fairly standard for natural gas systems, helps you monitor the heater. It’s much less expensive than many water heaters, including the Westinghouse 52-gallon electric water heater.


While 34,000 BTUs is standard, it is a bit lower than the Rheem 40-gallon water heater. This heater doesn’t have as high of GPH as the other models, so you may run out of water quicker. Several customers felt the water heater has quality issues, and many had difficulties with parts in need of replacement before the warranty was over. Although these circumstances are covered by the warranty, they are still inconvenient. The price is slightly higher than the Rheem 40-gallon water heater, but the features are comparable. While a natural gas water heater will save you money on your monthly bills, it’s more expensive than a budget model electric heater. A gas water heater is difficult to install, and you need to be sure you have natural gas available with easy connectivity.


For an environmentally-wise choice, the Envirotemp water heater receives 4 out of 5 stars. It has more than enough water to comfortably accommodate four people, and reheats the water relatively quickly. For its cost, it has the potential to save you plenty over its eight to 15 year lifespan. If you are planning to build a new house, this is a smart choice that will be easy to work around. Or, if you are purchasing this model to replace your old one, it’ll be an easy switch. If your current water heater is natural gas, a professional can easily replace it. An older electric water heater may need some adjustments and new piping in order to accommodate a natural gas replacement. On the other hand, a propane water heater has a very different design. If your house uses propane rather than natural gas, you won’t be able to use this model of Envirotemp water heaters. Unless you are a seasoned builder with experience in electrical, plumbing and gas lines, be sure to call a professional to help you install this. Most stores will also provide installation for an easy one-stop, stress-free experience.

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