Bryant Thermostat Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance, Top Picks

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April 11, 2024

This Bryant thermostat guide has details on this brand’s impressive line of Wi-Fi, programmable and non-programmable thermostats to control and optimize your HVAC system. Technical specs, pros and cons and top thermostats in each series are included to assist you in making your Bryant thermostat decision.

For comparison, we’ve completed detailed reviews of Trane thermostats and Carrier thermostats too.

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Bryant Thermostat Brand Overview

Bryant manufactures a comprehensive line of residential HVAC equipment. This includes heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners. Its thermostats are designed to control Bryant systems. But they’ll work with any brand HVAC equipment. The key, as with all thermostats, is to match the thermostat with the performance – for example, two-stage heating and air conditioning vs. single-stage performance.

Note: Bryant HVAC components are made in three series: Legacy (basic), Preferred (better) and Evolution (best). The brand does use those series names with some of its thermostat models, but only loosely. It makes more sense to categorize them by functionality.

Bryant Thermostat Technical Specifications

  • Starting at the top of the line, the Bryant Evolution Connex is a full-color, touchscreen control in three models, two of which have Wi-Fi capability.
  • The Connex control, including the top-pick Connex SYSTXBBECC01-A, manages the most complex systems including variable-speed heat pumps, humidity levels, Hybrid Heat with a furnace and heat pump, zoned heating and cooling and ventilation systems.
  • Connex controls are 7-day programmable, provide a 5-day local forecast, include system maintenance reminders such as filter change and control up to 8 zones.
  • Bryant makes two other Wi-Fi thermostats, the T6-WEMO1-A with large full-color touchscreen and the T2-WHS thermostat with small touchscreen and buttons. Both of them are programmable and feature 4-day forecasts.
  • There are eight programmable Bryant thermostat models that don’t have Wi-Fi capability. Also, t there are controls for single-zone homes to eight-zone systems.
  • The top picks in among other programmable thermostats are the 7-day T6-PHP01-A Bryant thermostat and the Zone Perfect ZP Plus 8-Zone control that allows you to program separate climate conditions in each zone.
  • There are five non-programmable Bryant thermostat models. Three of them work with zoning panels including top-pick Preferred T6-NAC01-A with touchscreen interface.

Pros and Cons of Bryant Thermostats

Here are reasons that homeowners choose a Bryant thermostat and some reasons for caution.

Bryant Thermostat Pros

  • The comprehensive lineup of 18 Bryant thermostat models allows you to choose the exact specifications needed for your system. Moreover, you pay only for features you’ll find useful.
  • While thermostats like Nest and ecobee get more attention, the Bryant Connex control is quickly closing the technology gap to create intuitive, efficient control.
  • Bryant Connex and other Wi-Fi models include a phone app that permits you to monitor and change your HVAC system from anywhere to maximize home comfort and energy savings.
  • Bryant Wi-Fi programmable thermostats can be programmed for four separate time periods each day. This is to optimize heating and air conditioning efficiency and indoor comfort.
  • Your programming options include 7-day programming for a unique schedule each day and 5-2 programming for weekdays and weekends.
  • Programmable models switch from heating to air conditioning automatically as outside air temperatures require.
  • Most Bryant thermostat models offer several continuous fan-on settings to provide you with the level of air circulation you desire when the system is not running.
  • Zoned heating systems save energy use by separately controlling areas based on use, for example heating bedrooms at night but less during the day and boosting heat in the living areas at times you’re typically home.
  • Bryant Wi-Fi thermostats work with home automation systems such as Côr. Meanwhile, models like the T6-WEMO1-A are compatible with Apple HomeKit.
  • Bryant thermostat warranties are for ten years on Connex models and five years for all others, periods that are much longer than the ecobee3 three-year warranty and Nest’s two-year warranty.

Bryant Thermostat Cons

  • While having Wi-Fi connectivity is a nice convenience, the Bryant Wi-Fi thermostats are quite expensive compared with those without Wi-Fi.
  • It’s worth comparing the cost estimate you receive for a Bryant thermostat with costs of other brands. This includes universally compatible brands like White-Rodgers, Emerson and Honeywell because Bryant models tend to cost more than average.
  • If you choose a control that doesn’t have sufficient capability such as staged heating, you won’t get the full performance from your HVAC system.
  • Bryant thermostats are only available from Bryant dealers rather than online or at home improvement stores. But this is consistent for brands throughout the industry.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Bryant Thermostat

The thermostat you need is dependent on the functionality of your system such as staged heating and air conditioning, optimized humidity control and the presence of a whole-house ventilation system. For this reason, it makes sense to wait until you’ve decided on an HVAC system before selecting the thermostat control. If you’re not familiar with staged heating and cooling, your HVAC professional can explain them and assist you in selecting a control that will give you the best performance from your system.

Will you save money with a programmable Bryant thermostat? The US Energy Department suggests you can lower energy use by more than 10% with the installation of a programmable model like the Bryant thermostat. The reason is that it automatically reduces the level of heating or cooling during periods of time you’re sleeping or not at home. You don’t have to remember to adjust the thermostat before you leave. You can program the heating or cooling to be boosted ahead of your arrival to make your home comfortable.

A Wi-Fi thermostat and phone app adds even more convenience in terms of remotely controlling your system. For example, you can adjust a programmed setting when you plan to arrive home later than expected. If your schedule is very consistent, the upgrade might not be worth paying more to have.

Bryant Thermostat Final Thoughts

Has this Bryant thermostat review assisted you in understanding your options for Wi-Fi, programmable and non-programmable thermostats with options for cost, performance and convenience?

If so, perhaps your friends and followers will appreciate it if you pass along this guide to them!

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