Bryant Heating and Cooling Reviews: Pros, Cons and Performance

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May 2, 2017

This review of Bryant heating and cooling products provides you with research to use in comparing Bryant with other leading brands. These include Trane, Goodman and Mitsubishi. For even more detail, see the individual guides we’ve completed on:

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Bryant Heating and Cooling Overview

Independent HVAC experts agree that Bryant is a top-tier heating and air conditioning brand. Founded by Charles Bryant in 1904, the company prospered for years as an independent brand. This was before the Carrier Corporation purchased it. Today, both brands are owned by global corporation United Technologies.

There are three series of Bryant heating and cooling products:

  • Bryant Evolution is the top line of furnaces, ACs, heat pumps, ductless systems and thermostats. It boasts high efficiency and outstanding performance.
  • Bryant Preferred is the most popular line of Bryant heating and cooling products. This is because it combines good efficiency and performance with lower costs than the Evolution line.
  • Bryant Legacy includes HVAC products are the most affordable and offer basic-to-good performance and efficiency

Bryant Heating and Cooling Technical Specifications

Here’s what Bryant offers in its Best/Better/Basic lineup:

  • Bryant Evolution furnaces, heat pumps and ACs offer variable-capacity performance that modulates in 1% increments for precise, balanced heating and cooling.
  • The Evolution line also features two-stage models that mostly run on low capacity for quieter heating and cooling. But they do have have high-capacity capability for quickly making your home more comfortable.
  • The most efficient Bryant heating and cooling models in the Evolution Series are the 280A heat pump (20.5 SEER/13 HSPF), 189BNV air conditioner (19 SEER) and the 987M gas furnace (98.3% AFUE).
  • Evolution furnaces are equipped with variable-speed blowers to optimize comfort without blasts of untreated air. Meanwhile, Preferred and Legacy furnaces offer a choice of single-speed and multispeed blower fans.
  • The Bryant Evolution Connex SYSTXBBECC01-A thermostat is the top model and offers Wi-Fi connectivity, zoned heating and cooling and a full-color touchscreen control interface.
  • Bryant Preferred and Legacy furnaces, heat pumps and ACs are a mix of affordable, less efficient single-stage models and two-stage models with improved climate control capacity.
  • In addition to the Connex line, Bryant makes a large selection of thermostats for single-stage, two-stage and variable-capacity HVAC systems in programmable and non-programmable models including several with Wi-Fi.
  • Côr Home Automation has partnered with Bryant, and the Côr hub and mobile app can be used to control all your Bryant heating and cooling products to maximize convenience and efficiency

Pros and Cons of Bryant Heating and Cooling Products

Here are reasons homeowners choose Bryant and a few things to be cautious about too.

Bryant HVAC Pros

  • The broad range of Bryant heating and cooling products gives you good options for your budget, your climate and your indoor comfort requirements.
  • Installing the more efficient Bryant heating and cooling systems in the Evolution and Preferred lines can cut energy use and cost by up to 40% when replacing a system that is 15-20 years old.
  • Efficient Bryant systems are might be eligible for utility rebates and/or credits from your energy company.
  • Variable-capacity Bryant equipment with a variable-speed blower nearly eliminates temperature fluctuations in any home.
  • Bryant heating and cooling systems feature dual fuel performance. This means that a system heat pump can provide heating in temperatures above freezing. Also, a furnace can seamlessly take over when outside temperatures drop below the effective point for heat pumps.
  • Bryant fan-on mode in its top furnaces improves air circulation in your home. It will also significantly reduce indoor humidity when the system is in air conditioning mode.
  • As a comprehensive HVAC company, Bryant also makes air purifiers, system humidifiers for winter and dehumidifiers for summer, whole-house ventilators and CO alarms.
  • Complete Bryant systems are produced in sizes to serve small spaces up to homes of 2,500 square feet or more.
  • Bryant HVAC lines are in the upper tier of durability and reliability for their respective good/better/best classes.
  • Bryant is a large brand with national distribution. So repair and replacement parts are readily available to reduce system downtime.
  • Any certified HVAC technician can clean, tune, maintain and repair Bryant. However, the components should only be replaced by a certified Bryant specialist.

Bryant HVAC Cons

  • Bryant equipment is priced higher than most brands – comparable with Carrier, Trane, Lennox and American Standard as the most expensive brands.
  • Despite having an excellent durability record, Bryant offers warranties that are not as long or comprehensive as the best warranties from Goodman, Amana, Maytag and Heil.
  • To get specific pricing on most Bryant heating and cooling systems, you have to make an appointment with a Bryant representative. This is even though it is common practice with most top brands and lines.
  • Your warranty from Bryant might be terminated if you have a non-Bryant HVAC technician install the equipment.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Bryant Heating and Cooling System

Do you want to match the efficiency of your HVAC system to your climate want the most efficient system available? If green heating and cooling is your top priority, then a Bryant Evolution system is the ideal choice. The system will also keep your home’s climate more consistently balanced and comfortable than a Preferred or Legacy system. But it will cost more to purchase.

For matching the climate, choose an efficient furnace or heat pump for cold climates and a less efficient model in warm climates. In hot climates, an efficient Evolution or Preferred Series AC or heat pump will pay back the higher cost through lower energy bills.

Finally, the longer you intend to stay in your current home, the more cost-effective it is to pay more for a very efficient Bryant heating and cooling system. So if you’re planning to sell, a new Bryant Legacy system will cost less but be attractive to home shoppers knowing they won’t have to replace it for 12-15 years at least.

Is Bryant Your Brand?

The bottom line is that Bryant is one of the most durable brands. If you’re willing to pay more for better reliability and performance, a Bryant heating and cooling system is a good choice. If a budget system fits your purposes better, consider Goodman.

We hope this has helped you make your decision about Bryant. If it has, we’d appreciate you passing it on to family, friends and followers who might be considering a new Bryant system for their home.

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