Bryant Furnace Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance, Top Picks

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April 10, 2024

Bryant Furnace Review (2024 Update)

Bryant, one of the industry's top-selling furnace brands, offers a range of models to fit various budgets, heating needs, and performance preferences . This guide provides a detailed overview of Bryant furnaces, including their technical specifications, pros, cons, and considerations for homeowners.

Bryant Furnace Overview

Founded in 1904 by Charles Bryant, the company operated independently for decades before being acquired by Carrier Corporation. Both brands are now part of United Technologies .

Bryant offers three series of furnaces :

  1. Legacy Series: Single-stage heating, 80-95% AFUE (annualized fuel utilization efficiency).
  2. Preferred Series: Single-stage and two-stage heating, 80-96.5% AFUE.
  3. Evolution Series: Two-stage and modulating heating, 80-98.3% AFUE.

Technical Specifications

  1. Legacy Series: Top pick is the Bryant Legacy 915S with 95% AFUE .
  2. Preferred Series: Top pick is the two-stage Bryant Preferred 926T with 96.5% AFUE .
  3. Evolution Series: Top pick is the modulating Bryant Evolution 987M with 98.3% AFUE .
  4. Fan On Plus technology in top models offers four speeds of continuous-fan mode for improved comfort and dehumidification .
  5. Compatible with Bryant and universal thermostats .
  6. Available in sizes from 50,000 to 150,000 BTU .
  7. Most Preferred and Evolution models are equipped for dual fuel systems .

Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of models for various climates and efficiency needs .
  • Energy Star furnaces may be eligible for utility rebates .
  • Variable-speed blowers and ECM motors for quieter operation and energy savings .
  • Available in upflow, downflow, and horizontal-flow configurations .
  • Complete line of compatible HVAC components for optimized performance .
  • Extensive warranties, including lifetime heat exchanger coverage on most Preferred and Evolution models .


  • More expensive than many competitors .
  • Some brands offer better general parts warranties .
  • No DIY installation option; estimates require a sales presentation .


  1. Climate: Choose an efficiency level appropriate for your region .
  2. Length of stay: Higher-efficiency models are more cost-effective for long-term residency .
  3. Comfort preferences: Two-stage and modulating furnaces provide more consistent temperatures and improved humidity control .

Top Models by Efficiency and Performance

  1. 80% single-stage: Bryant Preferred 313A
  2. 80% two-stage: Bryant Evolution 315A
  3. 90%+ single-stage: 96.2% Bryant Preferred 925S and 95% Bryant Legacy 915S
  4. 90%+ two-stage: 96.5% Bryant Performance 926T
  5. Modulating: 98.3% Bryant Evolution 987M


Bryant furnaces, while more expensive than some competitors, offer reliable performance and a wide range of options for efficiency and comfort. Homeowners should consider their climate, length of stay, and comfort preferences when selecting a Bryant furnace model.


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