Bryant AC Reviews: Pros, Cons, Performance and Top Picks

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June 16, 2019

Introduction to the Bryant Air Conditioner Reviews

This Bryant AC guide gives a detailed overview that will assist you in deciding if Bryant is the right brand. You can also find out which of its air conditioners is the best fit for your purpose. This is one of several Bryant AC reviews we’ve completed. If you’re looking for a complete HVAC system, see our Bryant Heating and Cooling Overview and guides to:

For comparison, browse our reviews of other AC brands and components including furnaces and heat pumps.

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Bryant Brand Overview

Bryant HVAC has a history dating back to 1904 and its founder, Charles Bryant. The brand was at the forefront of the residential air conditioner revolution in the 1960s and was later bought by Carrier. Today, the Carrier and Bryant AC lines are quite similar. Both brands are owned by Fortune 100 company United Technologies.

Bryant’s air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless systems and thermostats are considered among the very best available. That is why Bryant is among the best-selling HVAC brands.

Bryant AC Technical Specifications

This detailed summary lays out your efficiency and performance options. These include the top Bryant AC picks in good/better/best lines.

  • Bryant Legacy air conditioners are affordable single-stage ACs, which means they run at full capacity only. They have fair quality and reliability backed by warranties of five to ten years.
  • The best Bryant AC in the Legacy Series is the 16 SEER Bryant 106A that operates at around 72 decibels, about average for single-stage ACs.
  • The Preferred air conditioner series is a mix of single-stage ACs and two-stage models that run on low most of the time. They shift to high capacity for quickly cooling your home, backed by warranties up to ten years.
  • The top pick in the Bryant Preferred Series is the 17.7 SEER, two-stage Bryant 127A AC that meets Energy Star qualifications.
  • Bryant AC series with the best efficiency (21 SEER) and performance is the Bryant Evolution air conditioners, mostly with two-stage and variable-speed air compressors and backed by ten-year warranties.
  • The variable-speed performance of the Evolution 189BNV air conditioner means that its capacity rises and falls in 1% increments based on the exact cooling needs of the home. So cooling is quiet and balanced.

Pros and Cons of the Bryant AC Line-up

Here are reasons that make Bryant AC one of the top five brands in the industry plus a few cautions to consider.

Bryant AC Pros

  • Bryant AC units in the Evolution Series are among the most reliable made today. With regularly scheduled maintenance, any product should last 20 years or more.
  • Even a more affordable Legacy air conditioner will provide 15 years of durability if maintained.
  • The variable-speed and two-stage Bryant AC models are designed to reduce humidity in your home significantly. When humidity is lower, you can set your thermostat higher, save money and still be comfortable.
  • When replacing an AC that is 15+ years old with a new Bryant Evolution or Preferred AC, you might see a reduction in cooling costs by as much as 50%.
  • Since Bryant is a comprehensive HVAC brand, you can install a matched system featuring a Bryant AC, gas furnace, thermostat and indoor air quality equipment too, all synced to maximize efficiency and climate control.
  • The company's AC models for residential use range in size from 18,000 BTUs for small homes and apartments to 60,000 BTUs for large homes. However, the climate and facts about your home’s construction ultimately determine what size AC you need.
  • The 124ANS is a compact central air conditioner ideal for use where space is limited such as on a patio or beneath a deck.
  • Two Bryant AC models are designed to endure the salty environment of coastal regions: the Bryant Evolution 2-stage 187BNC and the 14 SEER single-stage Legacy 114CNC.

Bryant AC Cons

  • While Bryant ACs offer good reliability, they are among the most expensive central air conditioners on the market.
  • The company's warranties are good, but there are better warranties on top models from Goodman, Amana, Maytag, Westinghouse and Heil.
  • Most Bryant AC models are only sold through the company’s network of certified dealers. Learning about pricing is only possible by inviting a Bryant sales representative to your home.
  • Even though Bryant is one of the top brands, several other brands make ACs that are more efficient than Bryant’s top 21 SEER AC, including the 26 SEER Lennox XC25, the 25.5 SEER Maytag PSA4BI and the 24.5 SEER Amana AVXC20

Model Comparison Guideline

Evolution Series

  • Variable Speed Air Conditioner.
  • Noise levels 56 dB.
  • 19 SEER rating.
  • Lowest operating costs from all the models.
  • Essential for a Bryant dealer to install and service the equipment.
  • 5-stage rotary compressor.

Preferred Series

  • Two-stage air conditioner.
  • Noise levels 72 dB.
  • 17 SEER rating.
  • Medium operating costs.
  • Essential for a Bryant dealer to install and service the equipment.
  • Two-stage scroll compressor.

Legacy Line

  • Single-stage air conditioner.
  • Noise levels 76 dB.
  • Up to 16 SEER.
  • Higher operating cost.
  • Bryant dealer installation recommended but not necessary. A licensed contractor can perform the job.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bryant AC

The first issue to consider is whether you need an AC or a Bryant heat pump. Heat pumps cost more than ACs. They also heat your home and do it more efficiently than a gas furnace. If you live in a moderate or warm climate, you’ll pay a bit more upfront for a heat pump and air handler combination than for an AC and furnace combination. Your heating bills will be lower.

The hotter your climate is, or if you want to cool your home as efficiently as possible regardless of climate, then a model like the Evolution 180B with 21 SEER is a good choice. In cooler climates, it isn’t cost-effective to buy a very efficient AC because the payback period can be at least ten years. As a rule, the longer you intend to live in your current home, the more it makes financial sense to install a high-efficiency Bryant AC.

For the best price on a Bryant AC, request written estimates from several companies, and let them know they’re competing for the job. Also, if you can have your AC installed in early spring or in the fall, you might get better pricing than during the peak of summer. Although a Bryant air conditioner might be worth the retail price, consumers should take advantage of getting the best price by installing it in the off-season.

Is a Bryant AC Right for Your Home?

Bryant air conditioner reviews have highlighted the pros and cons of the brand and the models that Bryant offers. Most of Bryant's products cost more than its competition. Evolution and Preferred Series models offer very good durability for the money. If you’re willing to pay more for reliability you can trust, then a Bryant AC makes sense. If you’d prefer a lower cost, even at the expense of some durability, consider Goodman ACs.

Has this Bryant AC review been of use to you as you consider this brand? If so, perhaps your friends and followers would appreciate it if you’d pass it along to them to help them research an air conditioner for their home.

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