Bestech Thermostat Review: Pros, Cons, Performance

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January 12, 2018

While not glamorous, non-programmable thermostats like Bestech thermostat models get the job done at a fraction of the cost of trendy WiFi thermostats. Since Bestech is a Braeburn brand, this Bestech thermostat review includes the Braeburn 1000 series. See the table below for model names and specifications to ensure you choose one compatible with your heating and cooling system. Braeburn 1000 Series and Bestech thermostat prices are included.

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Braeburn and Bestech Thermostat Overview

The Braeburn 1000 thermostat models are non-programmable units for single-stage and two-stage HVAC systems. Braeburn divides them into two classes:

Builder: Products labeled as “builder” grade are often installed in new construction and rental properties as starter thermostats that cover the basics. Braeburn designates them with “NC” in the model code. The two Bestech thermostat models are described as builder-grade thermostats and are nearly identical with the Braeburn 1000NC and 1200NC models.

Economy: These Braeburn 1000 thermostats are affordable thermostats for new construction or replacement. They have slightly larger displays than their builder-grade counterparts, but the functionality is essentially the same.

Braeburn and Bestech Thermostat Technical Specifications

  • Work with most 24V systems including gas (NG and LP), oil and electric/heat pump; Note that the number of heat/cool stages must be compatible
  • Non-programmable
  • Non-WiFi
  • Blue backlit LCD display
  • White body
  • Can be powered by wire or two AA batteries
  • Require a C wire

This table shows other Braeburn 1000 thermostat and Bestech thermostat specs for comparison:

Model Series Staging Warranty Heat pump Price
Braeburn 1000NC Builder 1 heat / 1 cool 2 years Yes $24-$32
Braeburn 1020NC Builder 1 heat / 1 cool 5 years Yes $25-$33
Braeburn 1025NC Builder 1 heat / 0 cool 5 years No $24-$30
Braeburn 1200NC Builder 2 heat / 1 cool 2 years Yes $32-$38
Braeburn 1220NC Builder 2 heat / 1 cool 5 years Yes $30-$38
Braeburn 1020 Economy 1 heat / 1 cool 5 years Yes $26-$28
Braeburn 1220 Economy 2 heat / 2 cool 5 years Yes $35-$38
Bestech BT11NP Builder 1 heat / 1 cool 2 years No $35-$37
Bestech BT21NP Builder 2 heat / 1 cool 2 years Yes $38-$40

Prices from online sellers differ based on whether they include shipping or not. When shipping is extra, it is typically $5-$8 based on where the unit arrives.

Pros and Cons of Bestech and Braeburn 1000 Thermostats

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Bestech and Braeburn 1000 thermostats.


  • These units have a price that competes with similar non-programmable, 1-stage and 2-stage thermostats from top brands like White-Rodgers, Emerson, and Honeywell;
  • Models are available to support up to two stages of heating and cooling including heat pumps;
  • All models have a fan-on mode, so you can turn on the fan to improve your home’s airflow and ventilation even when the system isn’t heating or cooling;
  • The thermostats have permanent memory to retain temperature settings following power outages
  • They work with natural gas, propane, oil and electric systems;
  • The warranties are good, especially the 5-year one when compared with Nest (1 year), Ecobee (3 years) and other thermostats that cost five to ten times as much;
  • Braeburn 1000 and Bestech thermostat models are easy to use;
  • The 3 square inch display on Economy models is large enough to read from a reasonable distance, especially with the bright LCD backlighting.


  • There is no system compatibility checker as found on many thermostat manufacturer websites, so you must know how many stages of heating and cooling your HVAC system has to ensure you buy a compatible Braeburn 1000 / Bestech thermostat;
  • You must manually change the non-programmable thermostats every time you want to adjust the temperature. Thus, most likely you will not reduce energy and cost by turning the system down at night or when you’re leaving the house;
  • As very basic thermostats, they don’t track energy use or provide you with notifications of a need for maintenance or repair;
  • They don't come with WiFi, so don’t allow for remote monitoring and control or integration with smart home systems;
  • All models require a C wire to have continuous power, so you’ll have to install one or use a spare wire if you don't have a dedicated C wire in the wire bundle;
  • Builder-grade Braeburn 1000 thermostat and Bestech thermostat models have displays of just two inches square, so they can be difficult to read from a moderate distance.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Bestech Thermostat or Braeburn 1000 Thermostat

The first critical issue is to make sure the thermostat you select supports the number of heating and cooling stages your HVAC system offers. If you have a two-stage furnace, for example, and install a thermostat that only supports one stage, the furnace will run at full capacity all the time, costing you indoor comfort and energy savings. Information about your HVAC components is available in your owner’s manuals, on the manufacturer’s website or from the installer.

Secondly, consider the downside of a non-programmable thermostat. While the upside is affordability, you won’t enjoy energy savings if you forget to turn down the furnace or AC when you leave for the day. There’s a comfort factor too. If you do turn down the furnace when leaving, your home won’t be as warm as you’d like it to be again until you get home, turn the thermostat back up and wait for your house to warm. Programmable and WiFi thermostats help ensure the house is warm when you arrive.

When a Braeburn 1000 or Bestech Thermostat Is Right for You

These thermostats are affordable and get good marks for dependability. Luckily, those are the goals some people have for their thermostat purchase. In this case, Bestech and Braeburn 1000 thermostats will do the job. They make sense:

  • If your routine is very much the same from day to day. As such, you’re in the habit of turning the thermostat down to save energy;
  • For installation in part-time settings like a workshop or vacation home where you want basic thermostat functionality

Affordable thermostats like these remain popular even while smart thermostats get a lot more press. Did this Braeburn 1000 Series and Bestech thermostat guide help you make a buying decision? Please pass it along to social media to inform others!

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