AO Smith Water Heater Review: Models, Types, And Features

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May 11, 2024

A.O. Smith Water Heater Review (2024 Update)

A.O. Smith, a leading manufacturer in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, has been producing water heaters for over 70 years . Known for its quality and innovation in energy efficiency and tank protection, A.O. Smith offers a wide range of water heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Key Features

A.O. Smith water heaters incorporate several key features, including:

  1. Blue Diamond Commercial-Grade Glass Coating: Provides superior corrosion protection and longer tank life .
  2. CoreGard Anode Rod: Made of stainless steel, protecting the tank's internal surface from corrosion .
  3. DynaClean Sediment Cleaning System: Uses durable dip tubes to reduce sediment build-up from hard water sources .
  4. Self-Powered Electronic Gas Valve: Ensures enhanced performance independent of an external power source .
  5. Green Choice Burner: Eco-friendly burner designed to reduce greenhouse gases by up to 33% .
  6. Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant: Safeguards against accidental ignition of flammable vapor outside the water heater .

Types of A.O. Smith Water Heaters

  1. Residential:

    • Gas and Propane: Vertex 100 Power Direct Vent Gas Water Heater (75-, 50-, or 25-gallons) .
    • Electric: Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (50-, 66-, or 80-gallons) .
    • Tankless: Model AtI-510C-N Non-Condensing, Natural Gas/Propane Water Heater .
    • Solar: Cirrex Solar System .
    • Notable Line: ProLine, ProLine Master, and ProLine XE .
  2. Commercial:

    • Gas: Cyclone, Polaris, Master-Fit, Master-Fit Plus, Conservationist, and circulating water heaters .
    • Electric: Dura Power XI Custom DVE and DHE High-Volume, Heavy-Duty Custom Xi DSE, Gold Series DRE and DVE, Dura-Power DEN and DEL, Light-Service, and Dairy Barn .
    • Tankless: CT-199 Commercial Condensing Tankless, CT-910 Commercial Non Condensing Tankless, TX1 Integrated Commercial Tankless on Tank, and CRS Commercial Tankless Rack Systems .
    • Solar: Custom commercial solar water heating system .

Purchasing an A.O. Smith Water Heater

A.O. Smith's official website features a tab that allows you to search for a local water heater installer via Google Maps .

Comparison to Competitors

Rheem, a major competitor to A.O. Smith, offers mid-level water heaters that are inexpensive, durable, and reliable . Like A.O. Smith, Rheem's water heaters are ENERGY STAR-rated.

Public Perception

While A.O. Smith's official website boasts of its products' efficiency and innovation, some consumers have reported issues with their water heaters, such as frequent breakdowns and the need for replacement parts . However, these issues are not unique to A.O. Smith, and regular maintenance can help prevent problems.


When considering an A.O. Smith water heater, factors such as fuel type, tank size, efficiency ratings, and tankless options should be taken into account. Despite some reported issues, A.O. Smith water heaters are still considered top-quality products that effectively provide hot water while offering energy savings.


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