American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews: Features And Warranty

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May 18, 2024

American Standard Air Conditioner Review (2024 Update)

American Standard, a trusted brand in the HVAC industry with over 130 years of experience, offers a range of reliable and efficient air conditioners . This review provides an overview of American Standard air conditioners, their key features, and a comparison with competitors.

Key Features

American Standard air conditioners offer the following features :

  1. High SEER ratings (16-22), earning the EPA's ENERGY STAR label .
  2. Variable-speed compressors for improved humidity control and energy efficiency.
  3. Quiet operation, producing as low as 69.9 decibels of sound .
  4. Durable construction with louvered steel, rust-resistant screws, and corrosion-resistant Durabase pans .
  5. 10-year warranty on the unit and additional parts when registered within 60 days of purchase .

Types of American Standard Air Conditioners

  1. AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner: Uses AccuComfort technology for precise temperature control and enhanced humidity control .
  2. Gold 17 Air Conditioner: Reduces energy usage by up to 56% with two-step cooling and a Duration compressor .
  3. Silver 16 Low Profile Air Conditioner: Compact design for tight spaces or zero lot line applications, surpassing government efficiency standards .
  4. Silver 14 Air Conditioner: Efficient and low-cost, saving up to 43% on cooling and energy usage .

Comparison with Competitors

American Standard's main competitor is Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating. Key differences include :

  1. Classification: American Standard uses platinum, gold, and silver categories, while Goodman uses SEER ratings.
  2. Energy efficiency: American Standard offers a broader range of efficiency than Goodman.
  3. Warranty: American Standard typically offers a 10-year warranty, with some parts having a 12-year warranty. Goodman offers a 10-year warranty on most products, with some having a lifetime warranty .


American Standard air conditioners are known for their efficiency, reasonable pricing, and environmentally friendly features. While some users have reported the need for frequent repairs, proper maintenance can help prevent major issues. With a 10-year warranty on most parts, American Standard air conditioners remain a reliable choice for homeowners.


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