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May 17, 2011

There are now inexpensive thermostats available at the big box stores such as Home Depot that  enable you to access your homes thermostat over the internet.  Why is this valuable?   Picture this scenerio; you rush to the airport and escape the cold Chicago winter for your Florida vacation home, life is good. Oops, you forgot to set your thermostat for the forecasted deep freeze coming later in the week. The sub zero tempertures will burst every pipe in your house.  What can you do? Panic?  No need.  You simply fire up the old laptop and access your thermostat from 30,000 feet. The visual on your laptop screen for the 3M stat looks just like the thermostat hanging on your wall.  Problem averted, vacation time!  The uses for this technology is limitless. Vacation homes, rental property, assisting aged parents to name just a few.  We've attached a link that has some good info.  Check it out.



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