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May 20, 2011

We have all had the lights flicker during a storm.  Maybe you even shut down your computer.  I took a lighting strike at my house a few years ago and it took out anything with a clock,  and or a remote control it cost me big.  My in-laws recently lost a microwave and then just a few months later a dishwasher and again a few months later the disposal.  The appliances were less than five years old.  All of them the motors were burnt out.  It finally dawned on them this might not be a coquincidence.    The Electrician said it was due to power surges.

If you were to walk around your house a look at everything you have plugged in, I am sure you would be shocked if you added in all up in dollar value.  Even if you file an insurance claim with deductible, depreciation, lost time you loose.  It is a good investment to consider a Whole House Surge Protector.

You will still need have the power stip plug in surge protectors for your computer, Home Theather Systems, valuable stereo equipment and so on. The Whole House Surge Protector is installed next to your main breaker panel.

You will need to have a professional install it.  But it is worth it.  I have a video to explain how they work below.  I am not an Electricial expert and do not recomend one brand over another.  I will leave that to the professional you hire to advise you.

Watch video below for more information.



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