The Mister

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August 16, 2013

The Mister
By Betty Stephens

The Mister
Through evaporative cooling The Mister pre-cools the air entering the AC unit, improving its efficiency and cooling capacity. The amount of electricity needed to cool a home is decreased, which saves money.
The Mister is an evaporation unit that helps cool air before it goes into the air conditioner unit. The AC makes the house cool on its own but it takes a great deal of energy to run... This means that valuable resources are being used excessfully during the year. The Mister cools everything down prior to the start of the AC’s cooling process, which means the unit does not use nearly as much energy.
The amount of money home owners can save while using The Mister is huge. Most people using the Mister can save almost 30% of the air conditioning costs. Home owners are able to recoup their initial investment over time. They can even save thousands. The Mister has a filtration system attached that keeps the AC clean. This means there are less maintenance costs.

The Miser technology has been used for years in commercial settings. This technology is no longer too powerful for use in homes. It is easy to care for the unit. All homeowners have to do is change the batteries and filter once a year and there will be cooler air, less bills, low maintenance. and it is easy to install. Also, when they buy the unit they are eligible to receive a tax credit worth 30% of the purchase price.

In a recent scientific study completed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tulane University, researchers prove that the Cool N Save AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit greatly increases the efficiency of air conditioning systems, and therefore can significantly lower electricity costs. Cooler air will able to circulate throughout a house and this will decrease the time the condenser unit runs, thus reducing electricity cost to the user.

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