The Future for the HVAC Industry

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February 5, 2024

The Future for the HVAC Industry

Contributed by: Betty Stephens of Quest Media

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Read what the experts are saying about the future of the HVAC industry. Here are some recent articles about the industry. Click the links to read the articles.

1. Future of the HVAC Industry Explored by Field Aware

"Cooling with sound waves is a relatively new concept," the company states. "The idea actually got off the ground when Ben and Jerry's was looking for a new way to cool their ice cream freezers. While these designs are just beginning to be tested, this could open the door to a new generation of energy efficient cooling systems."

2. Possible Futures for the HVAC Industry | Just Venting - Goodway

The game is rapidly changing for every member of the HVAC world. From contractors and cleaners to architects and engineers, everybody is feeling the effects as the green business and building revolution gains momentum, the financial and economic situation grows ever more volatile, and new technological innovations send shockwaves throughout the industry. It seems the only thing we can be sure of is that the way things were done yesterday isn’t the way they will be done tomorrow.

3. Trends in Air-Conditioning - Challenges for the future/Richard B. Hayter, Ph.D., P.E. Kansas State University
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Trends would indicate that the HVAC industry is responding to a robust market and that the market is significantly influenced by a concern for energy and the environment. Advancements in technology are responding to those concerns.

4. The Future of HVAC Contracting | Opinions
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Do you remember the “Back to the Future” movies where Michael J. Fox jumped into a time-warping DeLorean sports car and sped into a future that was totally foreign? Can you imagine what an HVAC contractor from the 1990s would think if he were suddenly transported into 2012? He would find a foreign business world dealing with regional efficiency standards, R-410A refrigerant, dry-charged R-22 units, 25C tax credits, building performance standards, and home performance contracting. And if that were not scary enough, he would also be faced with the possibility of new legislation called the HOMES Act that would make him part of a RESNET Energy Smart Home Performance Team.

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