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We are husband and wife HVAC contractors who started in 1988. We formed this web site so consumers could have an educational place to go for good, solid information. We are not trying to sell you anything. We just want pass on years of research, trial and error, and our street knowledge. Hopefully you will find it useful, helpful and enjoyable. Maybe we can even make you smile.
June 3, 2013
The Future for the HVAC Industry

The Future for the HVAC Industry Contributed by: Betty Stephens of Quest Media Read what the experts are saying about the future of the HVAC industry. Here are some recent articles about the industry. Click the links to read the articles. 1. Future of the HVAC Industry Explored by Field Aware Link: "Cooling with […]

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May 15, 2013
Appliance Brand Names

Who Owns That HVAC Brand? Ever wonder who owns whom in the HVAC industry? If you have a very old furnace or air conditioner you can look it up and see who now owns this name and possibly makes HVAC parts for the old unit. HVAC Manufacturers are constantly changing as one large HVAC entity […]

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April 29, 2013
Lennox Sells Service Experts

Lennox Divests Service Experts BY: Betty Stephens of Quest Media Lennox International, Inc. is known for its design, manufacture and marketing for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) products. Its products and services are sold through multiple distribution channels under brand names, including Lennox, Armstrong Air, Ducane, Bohn, Larkin, Advanced Distributor Products, Service […]

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April 23, 2013
Window Unit Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning Units Written by Betty Stephens of Quest Media If you have one or two rooms you need to cool in the summer a window air conditioner can be more economical choice than a central air conditioning unit. It also will cost you less both initially and over time. Most room air conditioners […]

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April 18, 2013
Portable Air Conditioning Units

PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS By: Betty Stephens of Quest Media Portable air conditioners provide effective cooling to spaces without access to central air conditioning or areas that simply need supplemental cooling. They are a popular choice for their mobility and for cooling small spaces such as bedroom, offices, basements and computer rooms. The portable units are […]

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April 18, 2013
Ingersoll-Rand Buys Trane/American Standard

How Trane and American Standard were bought by Ingersoll-Rand Written by Betty Stephens of Quest Media Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited (Ireland based company) acquired Trane Inc. formerly American Standard Companies Inc., in a transaction valued at approximately $10.1 billion, including transaction fees and the assumption of approximately $150 million of Trane net debt. Trane was a […]

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April 18, 2013
WiFi Thermostats

WI-FI THERMOSTATS By Betty Stephens owner of Quest Media   Now you can buy a Wi-Fi thermostat" (or "ip thermostat", "internet thermostat", etc.) which allows you to control your thermostat settings remotely, it can be controlled from a computer or even your iPhone or Smartphone!   With the use of smartphones and laptops now there […]

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April 17, 2013
Wine Cooler/Wine Rooms

WINE COOLING By Betty Stephens, Quest Media Only a small percentage of fine wines benefit from long-term aging. Most wines are best enjoyed within a few years of release. If you’re looking to buy wines to mature, you should really consider investing in professional-grade storage. The number one enemy of wine is heat. Temperatures higher […]

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March 8, 2012
How Has A/C Shaped Our Population Growth

How has air conditioning shaped our population growth and electorial college? Watch video below to find out!

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September 6, 2011
Breakdown of Residential Electrical Usage

In a home where electricity supplies all of the energy requirements, the average energy consumption is as follows: Air Conditioning & Heating           50% Water Heater                                  20% Lighting & Small Appliances         10% Refrigerator                                       8% Other                                                  5% Ovens & Stoves                                4% Clothes Dryer                                    3%

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August 7, 2011

 I want to write about something that has nothing and yet everything to do with air conditioning.  I don’t care what business you think you are in or where you work or what you think you do for a living.  You are in the people business.  Somehow whatever you do to make a living impacts […]

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July 20, 2011
Words of Wisdom from Tammy

Tammy-isms 1. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Behind the downfall of a successful man is another woman. 2. Don’t take advice from anyone more screwed up than yourself. 3. Going to church doesn’t make you holy any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. 4. Don’t invite crazy into […]

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We formed this web site so consumers could have an educational place to go for good, solid information.  We are not trying to sell you anything.
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