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August 18, 2011

Home Warranties:

I am often asked about the different Home Warranty Companies and my opinion of them.  I have found many of them care very little for the customer and care only for the bottom line.  Which is the what and why they are in business.

I have dealt with many different Home Warranty Companies over the years.  I know of many HVAC contractors who refuse to do business with HW.   They are known for poor service response to the customer and beating up the contractors over price and slow to pay.

After sitting on hold for what seems like eternity.   The very first questions when calling for repair approval are questions designed to get a response to give reason to decline the claim.  So by the time you are done with the service call everyone is mad, customer, technician, bookkeeper and manager.

I have found one company in the 23 years that I have been in HVAC industry that I feel I can recommend.  They seem genuinely concerned for the customers well being.  Their customer service representatives seem more polite.  I mentioned this fact to one of the trainers at a class I attended.  He told me they had worked very hard on training that stressed communication skills based on superior service and that claims authorizers were allowed and encouraged to use think outside the box problem solving methods to get claims taken care of.  Those were not just words, I have personally worked with them locating parts and units and fixing real problems for people.  I felt like there was much more respect paid to customers and contractors that any other Home Warranty Company I have ever worked with before.

I have seen them authorize overtime service calls due to extreme heat or because some had an illness.  I have seen them replace a unit rather than replace motors because they thought it was more cost effective.  They require and pay for a leak search if more than two pounds of refrigerant need to be added to a system.  Their phones are answered 24 hours per day. They follow up with customers and contractors to make sure all work is done and parts are ordered better than anyone I have ever seen.  I am sure they are not perfect, but I rate this company way above average!

I can honestly say that Cross Country Home Services is the best home warranty service company I have ever come across.  I whole heartily indorse them.  For more information you can call them at the number below or go to their web site.  Their home office is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL., they service all 50 states.

Cross Country Home Services, Inc.



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