Portable A/C & Spot Cooling Units

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June 10, 2014

Portable A/C Units/Spot Cooling    By Betty Stephens

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Portable Air Conditioner or Spot Cooler
A spot cooler is a portable, self-contained air conditioner used to cool a space. The entire unit is portable and can be moved to another space, if needed. The spot coolers are completely self-contained and do not have condensing units that need to be installed outside, like at the house.

Air-cooled portable air conditioning systems are most often the system of choice for end-users and industry professionals. The fact that air cooled portable air conditioning units can be installed almost anywhere – usually in minutes – explains their popularity. They can be used for temporary cooling as needed.

Spot cooling products can go with you in the yard while doing landscaping or gardening and in the garage for cooling home projects. Factories and warehouses benefit from the extremely low operational cost (less than $1.00 per day) of these powerful units, while keeping workers cool, thus increasing productivity and employee comfort.

Spot/Portable air conditioner systems are often used to provide cooling relief outdoors and at events. Units are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation and breakdown at all events. The portable air conditioners are both ETL listed for outdoor use. This ensures safe cooling under strong sunlight and high humid conditions.

 Brings outdoor cooling to areas area thought impossible to air condition.
 Spot cooler can produce a comfortable environment, even in the hottest and stickiest of seasons.
 Protect participants from the dangers of extreme heat during events.

The Dallas Cowboys were the first NFL football team to use portable units for their summer workouts and the early season games at Texas Stadium. Some claim that, "Thanks to portable cooling that the Cowboys won the Super bowl! This, of course, is not a claim that can be proven, but may not be too far from reality.

The same is true for athletes in training, construction work, and numerous other jobs in warehouses, factories and work areas where the temperature is hot. Working in a cool environment improves the efficiency of workers. Employees stay more alert and become less tired.

Manufacturers Portable/Spot Air Conditioner Units

Portable Air Conditioner prices run from $299 to $3,194.00.Manufacturers are:

• Fedders Corporation
Manufacturer of air treatment products, including air conditioners, air cleaners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and thermal technology products.

• Cool-Off
Offers outdoor misting fans, misters, patio cooling systems, and high pressure misting systems.

• Cold Air Products
Manufacturer of portable air conditioners and spot coolers, available for rental or purchase.

• MovinCool
Portable air conditioner, providing cooling solutions for heat problems.

• Heatbusters
Manufactures portable air conditioners.

• Aermec Spa
Air conditioning systems.

• Alen Corporation
Manufacturer of HEPA air purifiers and large capacity portable air conditioners for residential use.

• Advanced Misting Systems
Manufactures outdoor cooling and misting systems, dust and odor control systems, portable fans, and garden accessories.

• Kwikool
Manufactures water and air cooled portable air conditioning systems.

• Air Rover
Manufacturer of portable A/C units and spot cooling systems 1-20 ton capacities.

• AirPac
AirPac manufactures, sells, and rents portable air conditioners, spot coolers, and commercial portable heaters.

• Adapt, Inc.
Supplier and manufacturer of portable air conditioning and spot cooling supplies.

• Portatemp USA Inc.
Manufacturer and vender of air conditioners and split system units.

• MaxPower
Manufactures CoolCube 10 portable air conditioning products for computer rooms, warehouses, and outdoor events that can stand alone, stack, or be mounted on a rack or ceiling.

• Innovative Portable Air Conditioners
HVAC wholesale distributors of portable room air conditioners.

• Crawford Equipment
Manufactures and distributes portable air conditioning solutions worldwide.

• Spot Coolers
Spot Coolers provides temporary and emergency air conditioning for people, equipment, and processes.

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