Importance of Using Micron Guages on 410A Systems

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May 16, 2014

Use Micron Gauges When Installing New R410A Systems

By Betty Stephens


Recently a new refrigerant, R-410A, has been formulated and currently is being used in the HVAC/R industry. It was developed primarily because the production of R-22 is scheduled to stop soon as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). R-410A is intended for use in new air conditioning applications that traditionally would have used R-22; other applications are also possible, including low- and medium-temperature refrigeration systems.

The level of refrigerant charge is unique to each R-410A air conditioner and is determined by every component, including the outdoor coil and compressor, the indoor coil, and the refrigeration lines that carry the refrigerant between the coils. Correct refrigerant charge and proper refrigerant line sizing protect the compressor from damage, ensure efficiency, and improve performance. You should always verify the refrigerant charge for proper installation of an R - 410A air conditioner.
A micron gauge is the only way to tell what condition a system is in. You may get away with a quick vacuum for an a/c system but it will never be good enough for low temp refrigeration. Use separate manifold gauges for R-410A and R-22 systems. DO NOT USE combination gauges for R-410A and R-22.
The right gauges are required in to enable the refrigeration system to be properly evacuated and dried. These include:
• R410A Refrigerant Manifold - A solid manifold gauge specifically for R410A.
• Nitrogen Pressure Gauge - A higher range Nitrogen Regulator is necessary and used due to the higher pressure testing requirements.
• Vacuum Gauge – It is used to obtain an accurate evacuation level and it is required. It determines accurately the pressure in the system and whether the desired vacuum has been attained.

Mitsubishi Electric provides an outstanding Guide to Installing R410A. Access the guide using this link:

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