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September 8, 2013

Idle Air
By Betty Stephens

Idle air

IdleAir provides America’s hard-working long-haul truck drivers an alternative to idling their engines during rest periods. IdleAir service allows truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines and APU’s and still enjoy heating, cooling, standard electric inside and outside the cab, Satellite TV, internet, and many of the comforts of home all while saving money and getting better sleep without the noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes from idling.
Drivers Benefits
IdleAir gives drivers a powerful heating and cooling air system, just like at home. Now they can shut off the engine and sleep better without the noise, vibration, and stack gases from idling. IdleAir gives them standard AC electric service both inside and outside your cab. They can plug in block heaters, phone and laptop chargers, and any other accessories. IdleAir gives drivers satellite TV and free basic internet. They can stay connected with friends and family, and enjoy favorite sports, news, and Weather Channel programs. Drivers can also upgrade to high-speed internet and Web.
With no minimum usage requirements and new financing options, fleets can quickly realize significant fuel and maintenance savings with an easy solution that is customized to their operations. Dedicated facility customers receive discounted pricing and a customized package of IdleAir services and support.
Fleets and owner-operators enjoy long-term savings by extending engine life and reducing wear and tear on diesel and battery APUs. Delivering inexpensive, seamless electric recharge solutions for battery systems, IdleAir integrates easily with other idle reduction strategies to help customers protect their investments in idle reduction equipment.
IdleAir saves 1 gallon of diesel per truck per hour. Together, we save millions of tons of dangerous emissions from polluting America’s environment and contributing to climate change. Our neighbors and communities are healthier and safer as a result.

Idle Air Company
IdleAir, a division of Convoy Solutions LLC, is a company that provides in-cab services to truckers via centralized systems at truck stops around the United States. IdleAir's service, Advanced Travel Center electrification (ATE), was more complex and more expensive than traditional truck stop electrification (TSE) systems which are aimed at idle reduction reducing the amount of fuel consumed by trucks while they idle during rests.
Most TSE systems simply provide electricity to trucks parked in their slots. IdleAir's service is more comprehensive, including heating and air conditioning, phone service, Internet connectivity, television, and 110-volt electrical outlets. The ATE services are delivered by a distinctive yellow tube that hooks into the door window of the truck.
The company, formerly named IdleAire, was launched in June 2000 and filed for bankruptcy protection on May 12, 2008. A May 16, 2008 press release on their website stated that they expected to remain open, however, IdleAire officially closed on January 29, 2010.
Convoy Solutions LLC of Knoxville, TN, acquired the former IdleAire assets and relaunched the company as IdleAir in 2010. Since being relaunched by Convoy Solutions in 2010, the new IdleAir has opened 32 locations in 12 states Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. IdleAir services are available at some major truck stops, including Pilot Flying J, Love’s, Sapp Brothers, and TravelCenters of America and Petro franchisee locations.


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idle air

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