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July 21, 2014

HVACR Contracting Business.com Magazine’s 70th Anniversary
By Betty Stephens

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In June Contracting Business.com trade magazine celebrated its 70th birthday. It was 70 years ago that Cleveland-area publisher Irving B. Hexter created this publication to serve the refrigeration industry. He called it, "The Refrigeration Industry,"

In 1949, The Refrigeration Industry’s name was changed for the first time to Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The change reflected the growing importance of commercial air conditioning as a necessity. The change indicated the growing importance of air conditioning as it surpassed refrigeration in the market. It became the Contracting Business.com magazine in 2009. The magazine was dedicated to the men and women responsible for the systems necessary to keep food fresh on board U.S. Naval ships, military bases, and right here in the U.S.
Over the decades the magazine reported on the trends in the contracting business. The 1950s, air conditioning was used in hospitals to ease the healing of wounded soldiers from the Korean War. By the end of the 1950s air conditioning moved to centralized systems. .
By the 1980s The Department of Energy was created and began making policies that still impact the HVAC industry today. The industry went from construction boom to bust, saw the birth of the gigantic replacement market, and the computerization of business changing forever how contractors operated in the marketplace.
The magazine developed a trivia quiz to celebrate this anniversary. There are 18 questions and each question is worth 5 points. There are four BONUS questions for a total of 20 additional points. There is a total of 110 points. Keep track of your answers, then compare them to the key found at the end of the quiz. Start the quiz on the right side of the screen. Answer each question (write your answers down), click Next to see the next question.
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