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June 26, 2014

Honeywell’s New Thermostat Lyric

By Betty Stephens

The Honeywell TH8732WF5018 Lyric thermostat allows you access to your thermostat from your phone while ensuring optimal comfort for you and your family. The Lyric by Honeywell thermostat comes with Geofencing technology which permits the thermostat to utilize the location of your smart phone to save energy and money while you are away and then provides comfort when you return. The geofencing technology has two settings that allows you to set a 500 ft. or 7 mile radius depending on your usage and travel plans. You can disable it if you need to. You may program the thermostat using the custom programming option on the smart phone. Fine Tune technology allows the Lyric thermostat to take humidity levels and temperature into consideration when satisfying the requested temperature listed on the thermostat.
Enabled with the Smart Cues technology your Honeywell TH8732WF5018 Lyric thermostat provides system updates directly to your smart phone. You are notified of air filter change reminders, upcoming maintenance, and any extreme changes in temperature that can harm your HVAC system. The Lyric thermostat by Honeywell it provides a visual indication of the mode of operation by changing the backlight color to Blue (Cooling), Red (Heating), and Green (Money Saving Mode). You can add a thermostat to every zone within the house and control them through the smart phone application. You can also control any thermostats that may be used in vacation homes, garages, or pool houses. The thermostat is easy to set up, it guides you through the set up process directly on the smart phone. No codes, just easy to understand directions allowing language choices of English, Spanish, or French. It is priced at about $270.00.

Compatibility Chart
The Lyric thermostat by Honeywell works with most heating, cooling, and heat pump systems. It does not currently operate baseboard heat. The product is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones. At this time it is not compatible with the Blackberry and Windows devices.
The Lyric is compatible with the following devices:
• Single Stage Heating & Cooling & Multistage Heating & Cooling
• Heating Only and Cooling Only
• Furnace (Warm Air)
• Central Air Conditioning
• Heat Pump with or without Auxiliary Heat
• Geothermal
• Hot Water
• Steam or Gravity
• Gas Fireplaces (24V)
• Humidifier, Dehumidifier, or Ventilator

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