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June 16, 2011

Dear Tammy,

Q: I need to replace some of my vents.  When I called the hardware store they asked me grills or registers?  How do I know which ones I need, what is the difference?

A: Registers go in the floor.  They are used with systems that are installed in basements.  They are flat, with no raised louvers.  There are some very nice decorative finishes available now.  There are wood as well as different metal tones that are very attractive.  Remember to try not to cover your registers up with furniture.

Grills are installed in ceilings or walls and have directional louvers to direct the air flow.  They are used when your system is installed in the attic, closet or street level garage.  Be sure to use the right type of paint if you want to paint your grills to match your ceiling or wall color.  Ask a professional painter for advice.  Some diffusers are plastic now.  It has been my experience plastic does not take paint well.

Hope you home improvement project turns out great!


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