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May 16, 2011

This is a device I recommend you try.  It is easy to use and install.  Watch video below for more information.

Have you ever wanted how much electricity your home is using at a given time?

Now you can! With the PowerCost Monitor™ you are able to see your whole home's electricity use in real time and what that electricity use truly costs. With this information, you'll be able to identify where to save electricity, and in turn save some cash.


ThePowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Edition brings the power of personal, real-time energy usage feedback to your  computer. Once installed, the PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Edition  automatically sends detailed information about your power usage to your Microsoft Hohm™ energy insight portal or your Google PowerMeter portal. Once fully integrated the PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Edition gives you highly  personalized energy information, while showing you where and how you can save energy and money; providing your family with flexibility in monitoring and understanding how much energy your household is using and how much it is costing you.

Why we love this product: Just like the original, this version of the PowerCost Monitor™ provides excellent, real-time information on your home’s energy use. It is a great way to target where the most energy conservation needs to take place in your home.

Why you’ll love this product: This WiFi edition makes the PowerCost Monitor™ perfect for tracking your energy consumption patterns over time, so you can really identify which habits cost you the most on your energy bill. Plus, you won't need an electrician to install this great tool. Simply install a sensor unit to the outside of your electric utility meter and you’re ready to start monitoring your energy!

About this product:

Independent studies have confirmed that most families using the PowerCost Monitor™ can save up to 18% in energy consumption and dollars. The benefits of the WiFi edition of the PowerCost Monitor™ are:

• Portable monitor allows you to move throughout your home and monitor appliances
• Logging in to your Microsoft Hohm™ account or Google PowerMeter account allows you to view current and historical energy usage and energy costs
• Engagement with the website community to get energy saving tips
• Monitoring your home’s energy usage to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint
• Works with accessible wireless broadband on a PC desktop or laptop
• WiFi information is secure and protected

Your PowerCost Monitor™ WiFi Edition Includes:

  • An easy to install Sensor Unit that you can simply attach to the outside of your electric utility meter. Once fastened in place, the sensor reads the amount of electricity the household is consuming in real-time and transmits the information using wireless technology to the Power Monitor, located inside the home.
  • A WiFi Gateway, AC adapter, and a Mini USB enabling personal data feeds to your Microsoft Hohm™ or Google PowerMeter energy insight portal
  • A wireless, durable, in home Power Monitor that resembles a small digital clock. With a range of up to 100ft from the sensor unit, you can place it just about anywhere in your home - in the kitchen, on your nightstand or conveniently placed on the wall in your hallway. Anytime of the day, you can look at your Power Monitor to see:
    • How much electricity your home is using in real time
    • How much money you are spending on electricity as you consume it
    • The highest amount you spent on your energy usage in a 24 hour period
    • The time, the temperature at meter location, signal strength and the battery strength of both the display and sensor units
    • User manuals for easy installation

On the display you will be able to see:

  • What your electricity is costing you at any moment in either kW or $
  • Cumulative energy use which you can reset at any time
  • Outside temperature
  • Digital clock
  • Status of the battery
  • A usage emulator that advances at the same rate as your outside meter

Other features:

  • An appliance button that allows you to see kW or $ associated with a specific appliance or action
  • You can predict a total usage for 30 days based on your current usage in either kW or $, which will help you estimate your utility bill in advance
  • See your own energy consumption patterns
  • Track and compare your home energy usage over time
  • Compare your energy usage to others in your area through the Microsoft Hohm™ or Google PowerMeter energy insight portals, and connect with your community
  • Uncover the connection between your energy habits and your power bill
  • Compare energy usage and costs at different times of the day, week, month and year
  • Track your energy savings as you make changes and use less energy
  • Connect with others and learn while sharing your experience


Sensor Unit Power Requirements

  • Normal Conditions: 2 Alkaline AA 1.5 volt (LR6 type)
  • Extreme Cold Weather: 2 Lithium AA 1.5 volt (L91 type)
  • Expected Battery Life: Up to 12 months

Display Unit Power Requirements

  • Standard: 2 Alkaline AA 1.5 volt (LR6 type)
  • Optional: 9.0v 300mA wall adapter
  • Expected Battery Life: Up to 12 months

Wireless Communication

  • Frequency: 433 Mhz
  • Range: Approx. 30 meters (100 ft)
  • Updates from Sensor to Display Unit: Approx. every 30 seconds


  • +/- 5%

Meter Types

  • Residential North American Electromechanical and Electronic Meters
  • Not compatible with all net-metering meters


Power Monitor Wireless display unit:

  • 7.2 inches tall
  • 3.2 inches wide
  • 1 inch deep



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