Pool Pumps, New Technology That Can Save You Money

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April 27, 2011

Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump

Next to your central air conditioning system the next biggest user of electricity in your home is the pool pump. Until just recently there wasn’t much that could be done to lower energy consumption on pool pumps and still have clean clear water. The old single speed motors and pumps use nearly as much electricity as an air conditioning unit. Chances are you have a single speed pump maybe a two speed if you have a newer pool.

How Much Can I Save?

The new variable speed pumps use 40 to 80% less electricity than the older style pumps. How much you will save will depend on your utility rate, pool size and equipment. This is one upgrade that will pay for itself. One of the manufacturers has a web site to help you calculate payback.


Pentair makes a unit that you can integrate to your iphone or ipad to control your lighting, spa, or water features. Jandy also makes a variable speed unit. There may be other manufactures but I am only aware of those two at this time. Depending on what pump you get and what all you want it to be able to do, the pumps range in price from $800 to $1,500 plus labor. So I have been told, call around and price for yourself in your region. Check with your state and utility company for possible rebates.

Where Do I Get One?

In your state you may be able to buy and install the pumps yourself, there are on line how to videos. Depending on the licensing requirements some states allow HVAC contractors to install these, as well as plumbers, other states require a pool company. In my state you have to have a Residential Appliance Installation Contractor License to wire up these types of motors at a customer’s home. Without this license pool companies will not sell to you.

Below is a promotional video put out by one of the pump manufacturer’s explaining the technology and how the pump works and the way it saves you money. I think you will find it worth watching. I know this is a HVAC web site, but people come to me asking for help saving on high utility bills so I felt compelled to pass this on. The air conditioner is only one piece of the puzzle.

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