10 Amazing Decorative Floor Vent Covers to Keep Your House Stylish

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January 8, 2016

Vent covers can be a real eyesore. We are entirely dependent on vents themselves because our houses need to be ventilated as well as possible. They can be air conditioning vents, heating vents, and even bathroom vents. We need them to ensure the air inside the house is fresh all year long. But what do we do about the vent covers? They can truly ruin a beautiful indoor design and create an unpleasant sight for both home owners and their guests. Fortunately, the answer to that question is a simple one, and it comes in the shape of decorative floor vent covers. And just to make sure you are covered not only on vents but ideas as well, here are 10 amazing floor vent covers which you can use as inspiration.

#1. Corinthian floor vent covers

This strikingly beautiful design was thusly named because it shared elements and takes after the Corinthian order. This was one of the orders the Greek used to decorate their famous columns, along with the Doric and Ionic. It’s the most ornate out of the three and, also, the most elegant. It means it’s perfect if your house is elegantly designed and painted in warm browns and soft ivories.

It’s best that you choose a metallic floor vent cover if you have your heart set on this model, because brass, for example, looks much better than wood or plastic. As far as colors go, the best fitting ones would be white, black, brown, silver, and a gracefulOuse oil-rubbed bronze. You can also ask for it to be sand-papered to some extent, so as to give it an antiquated look.

#2. The industrial vent cover

It’s not exactly industrial, but its design has been stylized so as to look it. It’s also very glamorous in a retro kind of way since the vent holes are straight and perfectly aligned on the horizontal. This would be ideal for a bachelor’s pad, a man cave, a bar or restaurant, and even high-class shops.

Another great thing about this model is that, if you’re not a big fan of the metal, you can also get it in wood. Make sure to place it near an antique armoire, a vintage wooden entertainment unit or a wooden cabinet. In this way, it will completely blend in with the rest of the room. As far as the flooring goes, this particular design is best matched with wooden floors, if you want to have the floor vent cover made out of wood. You can use it on any other type of flooring if you’re going for the metallic cover.

#3. ‘Natural’ design floor vent cover

Here is an unusual pattern that is trying to recreate a bit of the natural surroundings. This particular example was made to include vine leaves, but you can have it custom made according to your personal wishes. One great inspiration idea can come from the area you live in. For example, if your house is situated in a somewhat mountainous region, you can go for pine needles. If you have a lot of oaks around your house, then maybe oak-leaf is the pattern for you. You can also try flowers, albeit some that can easily be stylized, such as daisies or daffodils.

#4. The Victorian design floor vent cover

This particular design is somewhat of an all time favorite. Partly because the Victorian era inspired it, a charming one as far as design, pattern, and architecture goes, and partly because it fits almost any house with any type of interior design. From high-end mansions with marble floors to lofts with cozy plush carpets, the metallic Victorian era floor cover vent is one the best options for your venting needs.

You can opt between two designs. Either you go for the traditional, historically-accurate design, for a touch of authenticity and actual history in your home, or you can personalize it if you feel it’s a bit too outdated for your tastes.

#5. The ‘stonewall’ design floor vent cover

As far as floor registers go, this model was designed with classic stone walls in mind. This layout is as ancient as mankind. You can see it displayed everywhere, from Ancient Rome to the Mayans and the Trojans. The fact that it still hasn’t gone out of style says quite a lot about this pattern. What’s even more beautiful about it is that it’s so simple, yet so powerful. It will add a touch of class to any room you might decide to put it in.

Again, going metallic is the best option here, but you can have it sandblasted, to actually make it look antiquated.

#6. The Renaissance floor vent cover

Another style which you can draw inspiration from is the Renaissance one. It traditionally emphasizes on proportion, symmetry, and geometry. This is why you will see mirrored patterns, composed of both curb and straight lines. It’s perfect for a traditional style house, with an artsy vibe. The fabulous thing about it is that it has crossed the line into modernism as well, and you can see it spread all around the city, no matter where you live. It saw a very conscious revival during the 1800s, which means you can still see buildings built or adorned in a Renaissance style today.

If you’re interested in adding a touch of well-stylized and geometrical elegance to your home, then this is the style for you. Try choosing metallic vent covers, colored in black or deep shades of cold browns, for an authentic patina.

#7. The ‘luxurious’ decorative vent cover

It’s imperative to remember two things when going for this particular model. First of all, you need to have an in-door design up to par. Adding such a high profile floor vent cover to a minimalist apartment will make it look somewhat out of place. Also, it’s a design meant for houses with personality and age. Younger designs are better fitted for some other covers.

The second thing you must pay attention to is the material you choose. This is a model that works very well in wood, as opposed to metal, plastic or cardboard. The reason is that a metallic one will be too much for any home, a plastic one runs the risk of looking fake, and a cardboard one may be difficult to manufacture or support its weight. Here is a beautiful example from which you can always draw inspiration for your house.

#8. The contemporary design floor vent cover

In case you are not such a big fan of the classic designs, such as Victorian, retro or Renaissance, you can also opt for a contemporary or minimalist design. You can choose from a range of existing models, or you can ask your selected manufacturer to customize one for you.

As an example, here is a beautiful black metallic piece. Its pattern is composed of simple straight lines, dotted here and there with circles and squares. As simple as it is, it’s also very effective. Pair it with a monochrome striking shower curtain, if you need to place it in the bathroom or a carpet that follows the same minimalist design. It’s important to keep the colors dark and cold, as a multicolored floor vent cover in this design might look too ludic.

#9. The ‘fun’ floor vent cover design

All the models and designs we’ve presented so far are predefined. This means you can choose the shape, size, color, and material, but not the grilling in itself. However, should that not suit yours and your house’s personality, you can always go for the custom made, fun covers. You can come up with your own model such as these fun monkeys drinking martinis or you can ask the manufacturer to design something for you.

This is an amazing way to truly personalize your house. Instead of adding the same floor vent covers in every room, you can actually choose specific ones. For example, you can go for butterflies for the baby room, soap bubbles for the bathroom, cupcakes for the kitchen and clouds for the bedroom. The possibilities really are endless.

#10. The ‘business’ design floor vent cover

This last idea is meant for offices and businesses in general. It’s simple but amazingly efficient at personalizing the working space and truly making it revolve around a unified idea. When you have your own business, be it an office or a restaurant, for example, you want to display you logo as often as you possibly can. On the front door, above the entrance, on napkins, tablecloths, and walls. But details should never be overlooked.

Here is where floor vent covers come in. Choose metallic ones and have your logo inserted into them, as you can see here. It also adds a touch of class to the entire interior design, while making your business look serious and well-established. Once again, attention to detail pays off.

As you can see from all the amazingly creative ideas we’ve brought forward, floor vent covers don’t have to be dull and classic anymore. From Renaissance models to animals and vine leaves, this essential part of your house can now be reshaped and revamped to suit all needs and tastes.

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